⭐ [29/30] Hoguns (Rank 17) Guild - One Open Seat - MIN REQS: 1m/1500/400 - 40k seals, all tasks, & legendaries and epics completed each week

Hoguns guild - Rank 15 - unlocks all 12 tasks, hits 40k+ seals and ~40 legendaries each week. We’re looking for a top-tier player: if you have what it takes to be in Hoguns, we want to hear from you!




GOLD: 1,000,000 - Average member contribution is 2m+/week

SEALS: 1,500 - Hoguns hits 40k each week

TROPHIES: 400 per week - Most members do 2k+ per week.

COMMUNITY - Members are expected to be active on our Discord chat server checking in and communicating.

INVASION: 600 Towers Defeated - Hoguns finishes all levels of Invasion each week

RAID: 60,000 Boss damage dealt - Hoguns finishes all levels of Raid each week

TOWER OF DOOM: 70 Dooms - Hoguns finishes ~100 floors each ToD week

WORLD EVENT & JOURNEY :1/30th of the required points to complete the event as shared on Monday of that week.

GUILD WARS - Hoguns require members to complete all GW matches by Sunday and at least 8 Guild War sentinel levels at the beginning of the week. Hoguns is usually in GW Bracket #4-6 so we ask all new members to be a minimum of level 1000. We have a 40k minimum point requirement but we are here to help with team sharing and strategies!


We are either one of the most casual of the hardcore guilds or one of the most hardcore of the casual guilds. Either way you slice it we believe that the best way to have fun is to kick ass and our record speaks for itself.

The benefits of membership in Hoguns are many and great:

  • Completing all task gives each guild member the maximum amount of task rewards and +4 Magic, +6 Attack, +16 Armor, +16 Life.
  • Hogun’s Guild Guardians are at 200, giving you the highest bonus possible towards each of your Hero’s masteries (Mana Surge). In addition, because of the high-level Guardians, all members receive +6% Tribute Chance, +50% XP, +6 Extra Map Turns, +10% Tribute Amount, +50% Soul Bonus, +2 Glory Bonus and 600% Daily Gold Bonus.
  • Hogun’s completes many legendaries each week giving everyone a chance of additional Mythic troops, Legendary troops, keys, glory and traitstones.
  • Hogun’s completes all 40,000 seals each week. This allows you to open the best Guild Chest with higher chances at getting Mythics or Legendaries.
  • Our members use Discord and our Hoguns Website to share teams, strategies, tactics, and more; talkers welcome!
  • We regularly survey our members to make sure they have an active voice in the direction the guild is heading.
  • We track player stats weekly and promote based on clear and concise guidelines.
  • We have members from over 15 different countries speaking over 10 different languages (all official guild communication is in English though so English comprehension is required).
  • Hoguns is a family and we love to help each other and are looking for other active members who want to do the same.


  1. Join our Public Discord server here: Hoguns GoW Guild
  2. All interviews are done on discord so be prepared to answer a few questions.

Such an awesome and fun Guild - Almost in the top 10 at this point! Was in this Guild for a long time and it was an amazing experience and significantly helped me understand the game better and contribute. The additional resources gained from a top Guild such as this is incredible!

Highly Recommended!!!


Hi everyone, I’ve been in Hoguns for a year and a half and have to say the friends I have built here is the biggest reason I am still playing the game. Of course, Hoguns can give you great game bonuses, lots of LT’s but it is really the helpful, friendly communication that separates Hoguns from the rest. We have a well setup discord which helps you find the information you need in all aspects of the game but more importantly Hoguns recruits people that care about the game and others.

I’ve been in many guilds (before Hoguns and with my test accounts). I honestly can say after trying many others, there is no guild I’d rather be in then Hoguns. Please join us - if not for the in-game things we can offer but for the great community we have built.


Since I started playing GoW I wanted to join a guild which is somewhere between hardcore and laid- back and I have to say, Hoguns has it all! I have learned and improved a lot since I have joined and all the other guildmates are friendly and helpful. Hoguns is great for everyone who either wants to improve or want a challenge or just chill and share ideas while playing this awesome (and very addictive) game! :smiley:


Hoguns is a great group of people and very helpful too. Been here two months and love it :hugs::blush:


Hoguns and Hoguns Paladins are a great guild family. This is obviously the best organized guild i’ve ever seen. You know taransworld? Want more data about all your stuff? Come and join Hoguns :grinning::hugs:


I thought this guild was Hogun’s Heroes for some reason.

No, the name Hoguns is a mash up of our past guild leaders names (Heatgun and Ogunther). I know what you mean though, it reminded me of that when I first saw it too. :wink:

How the hell do you make 650k in gold per week i only make luke 100k if i am lucky and i hate doing any form of pvp

Having armor that gives 100% bonus gold helps. Having all your kingdoms at level 10 and all above 5 stars helps a lot too. And finally, PVP does make a lot of gold too. I normally make and contribute over 2 million gold per week.

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Hoguns has been my home for the past two years and I would not have it any other way. Literally the most helpful friendly group in the game. If you’re into communication, team-building strategy, data-oriented teamwork then there is no other place for you.


One spot opening this week! Connect with us on discord quick before the spot is snapped up. We have bountiful rewards!

We did great last week topping B3. So join us when we return to B2 next GW :slight_smile:


Hey. I am only 218 level playing. I make 1500 free seals. but I bring gold so far 300-350k. but soon I can and more.

Newly minted top ten in trophies! Come join our wonderful family. Incredible for our casually hardcore group to make it into these hallowed upper echelons.


Congrats on cracking the top 10 PvP leaderboard (even if was at our expense). You guys were really putting in the effort. Well done.


so how do i sign up?

Hi @scremez, just click this link to join our chat room. Discord: Hoguns GoW Guild

Hello Hoguns,

I,m looking to join you guy’s, tough I’m not at liberty to join you right now on discort until late evening.

I might be considered a veteran player for playing around since May 2018 and having 879 out of 881 troop’s, the full 57500/57500 renown and all kingdoms up to maximum power level.
I am soliciting for your guild as I see you guys a one of the top guild in this game and especial for providing others with site as Taransworld.

As for what I have to offer:
I usually make 2000K gold (often more in GW weeks), 2K seals by Wednesday, between 500 to 1500 trophies depending on activities.

As for events: I almost always buy up to tier 6 in relevant events that provide new stuff. As for evasion where I use to average 400 towers and Raid around 65K to 70K until those became weekend only events. now around 160 to 200, and around 20K in raid.
Also dooms easily around 50 during the event.

For Guild Wars, I,m used to play in bracket 9 up to 2 where I average a score of 53K over the past 29 Guild wars.

Kind regards,

Hi there @HyBye you do sound like someone who would fit right in at Hoguns! When you have time, please join us on the discord so we can chat more and see if we can have you join the family :slight_smile:

Hi guys!
Josemimola here.

I was in Hoguns until August 2017! Then I stopped playing.

Took it back a month ago or so. If you have some vacancy I’d like to be one of Hoguns again :slight_smile:

Level 1000+
Doing all in the events weekly.
2000 seals, 1M+ gold, 500+ trophies…