I'm Looking for a guild!

Hi, I’m over level 1000. I have all my kingdoms filled, I could make a million gold within a week maybe more.

I’m tired of playing in guilds that has 2 or 3 players that put a million or more into the guild, And that we might get enough seals to hit the 40,000 mark.

I’m hoping for a guild that has 10 or more players that are putting a million gold into the game. I don’t mind putting a million gold or more into the game but I HATE that feeling of dumping in gold because the other players are not doing their share or they are too low of a level too help.

I would like to join the new guild before Monday… Thanks.

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Stop by our discord and we can hook you up with some great guilds
Aaron Azevedo shared a link.
29 March
The Unholy Family is in need of some fresh souls, we are comprised of 4 guilds for various levels of play for pc/Mobil, we offer a great environment for all levels of play from beginner to end game, we have several spots open
, a guild wars optional guild, and several spots in Purgatory, come hit us up on discord for more info

The Unholy Family
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our guild TUF : Unrepentant does 40+ LT’s a week as long as you are playing on pc / mobile

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TUF would be a great for you! 4 active guilds and LOTS of camaraderie :slight_smile:

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Hi Homework,

Black Dragon is looking for new members:

Hoguns is looking for new people