[29/30] Gem Assassins Opportunity #7 rank


We are completing all tasks including many legendary tasks and get 40k seals each week. We average 800k+ gold per player. Thus, plenty of bonuses and rewards.
We are looking for top players doing 500k+ gold, 1500 seals and 200 trophies per week.
49,000 guild war scores. Raids and Invasions completed. Must communicate with guild. Please contact Mrs Affects for details.


I would like to join your guild. My invite code is PUSH RULZ_FQNN


One spot available.:innocent:


Hello, I am interested in joining you (I also have contacted the person you named), invite code : STRAYWOLF_FARW


Hello what’s your current lvl?


I am 187 and I am still rising and for my stats I have 250% gold, 200% souls and 180% exp


2 spots available. Contact Mrs Affects on xbox one. Must have all kingdoms at level 10. :grinning:


May wanna update those stats or pic love. I was very confused by the statute levels lol. Best of luck <3


Got it thanks.


GA finished 2nd in bracket 1 last week, and get raids and invasion done. Definitely a solid top 10 guild for those that are looking to exceed high expectations. Best of luck to those that apply, it’s a spot in high demand.


Bump in the night


A couple of spots open. Players retired. Please message Mrs Affects for further details. :star_struck::star_struck:


I‘d like to join your guild. Level 1214… required tasks shouldn‘t be a big deal.
I‘m in an other lower ranked guild member but the guild unfortunately is not very active…
Would be great to hearing from you.


Please message Mrs Affects on xbox please. I would love to hear from you.


I guess someone else got to him. One spot available.


Hi MrsAffects
Sorry for answering so late.
Yes, i will join an other guilde.
Sorry for any convenience caused.
All the best!


To be fair it did say other.


Was there something posted that was erased that I missed.


Yes there was and I bet you can’t guess who it was from lol. I will give you 2 guesses but you only need 1 :wink:


We have a rare open space available.:star_struck::star_struck: :star_struck::star_struck: The guild comes alive and there is massive teamwork during guild wars. If you want to belong in a guild who will help you become an assassin in guild wars then this is the guild for you. To date we are the only other guild on xbox to take 1st place in guild wars two weeks in a row. Message Mrs Affects on xbox to train to be the next Assassin today.