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[29/30] 💎 Gem Assassins 🗡 #4 recruiting great players 😀 completing all tasks [xbox]

Gem Assassins is one of the most active guilds on xbox with many friendly and dedicated players.

We are #4 on the leaderboard. We have our own xbox club to enjoy the game and for discussions.

We are completing all tasks including many legendary tasks and get 40k seals each week. We average 800k+ gold per player. Thus, plenty of bonuses and rewards.

We are looking for top players doing 500k+ gold, 1500 seals and 300 trophies per week.

If you want to join our surge, please contact gamertag: Mrs Affects


You are doing very well. Who will catch 4th place first?

I,m interested in your guild. I’m level 215. My invitation Code is RUBEN_SY4M. I need to leave my current guild to get your invitation?

Hi Ruben, yes you need to leave your current guild before I can invite. Please message me on xbox. Thx, Mond

We completed all tasks + legendary tasks this week, and made 40k seals on our way.

One spot open for you! Come and join the surge of a friendly and dedicated guild.


Please add!

One spot free!

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Currently full. Another week with legendary tasks and 40k seals.
Feel free to contact me for future openings.


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One spot free!
Starting of day 6 this week, we already have 40k seals and a handful of legendary tasks done. Currently we are the 3rd fastest guild.

Hello, I would liketo join, I’m lvl 780 750-1mill/wk 300+ trophies and 1500 seals. I have death armor and lvl 10 in the money dept. leme know if you are interested. im in Joshatron now.

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Hi aarons, yes, we have a sport for you. Pls contact me on xbox or let me have you gamertag. Thx

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One spot free! Maybe two more will open up this weekend before reset. If you want to join, pls contact me on xbox

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Currently full. Thx

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Hey guys,

Im very active and looking for a good GUILD cant seem to find one. Im ranked in the top 20 for PVP this week and want to find a guild that contributes as much as I do. I have never missed getting my 1500 seals in a week and could make 500k gold no problem.

My invite code: N0NXXX_ZGNC (The “0” could be a zero or the letter I cant remember or tell)


Seen that you’d joined another guild and wish you lucky drops @n0n3xxx

Great no wallpaper in the intro by our guildmate @RudyRhodes Thank you Rudy! :grinning:


One spot free!
We average 800k+ gold per player weekly. If interested, pls contact me on xbox. Thx

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We just moved up the ranks into 5th position :grinning: We are the 3rd fastest guild.
This is your opportunity to join a great team of players!