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[28/30] TWO SPOTS OPEN! Enjoy the game with Geminy Crickets! Top 50, 40K, Epic Tasks, All Invasion/Raid/Tower Rewards, GW Bracket #2-4!

Come join our friendly, active guild!

Our team is a happy mix of Veteran players who go well beyond the weekly requirements and newer highly active players looking for a place to grow and stay. Platform is PC/Mobile.

Minimum requirements are 450K Gold and 100 Trophies per week, and to stay active with the game. (Most players contribute over 1 Million/200 trophies/week) Guild Wars - play all 6 days, all 5 games, plus raise your Life and Shield Sentinels to level 2 (60K Gold does not count toward Gold minimum). Raid Boss/Invasion/Tower we all participate, catch up on your Sigils by Saturday - we always clear top Reward Tiers. I understand there’s a life outside of Gems, and am willing to make limited exceptions for vacations and such as needed. Currently all of our members have finished leveling their kingdoms, most of us have lots of blue stars, and all of us either have Dawnbringer or are working on it.

We complete all 6 tasks every week on Monday, plus 3+ Epic Tasks per week. We get 40K Seals weekly. All basic Guild Statue bonuses provide your deck with the following bonuses (plus additional bonuses from 3+ Epic Tasks per week):

+3 Attack
+8 Life
+8 Armor
+2 Magic

Guild Wars ranking is in the 2nd-5th bracket (we fluctuate in the top 18-42 Guilds in the game, and continue to sharpen our lineups and skills!). This gets us 20 cards, 10K Gold each and 125 Gems. Guild is level 2,200+, statues are all level 200; we get the maximum daily color match bonus for Guild Wars. Other statue bonuses:
+200 Color Mastery for each color
+6% Tribute chance
+10% Tribute amount
+50% XP
+50% Souls
+6 Map turns
+2 Glory
League Ranking is God, +19 Daily Login Seals. Currently ranked #54!

Discord is required for all members; game chat is buggy and lacks a PM option. Our members are friendly and engaged, we will answer questions and help with team building if you need it! Our Discord server is public, if you’re interested in our guild and want to come talk to some of the members you are welcome! Geminy Crickets on Discord

Our roster is very stable, 2/3 of our members have been with us for 200+ days (1/3 for over a year)! All members are level 1K+. We have a great crew and can afford to be picky with our recruitment!

We’re looking for players who can keep up with 1 Million+ Gold per week, plus participation in all Guild Events. If the spot(s) fill and there is still interest, I will keep a waiting list of 2 players. I’m currently showing preference for:

  • Active players who want a friendly environment
  • Donation/Activity leaders in inactive or poorly managed Guilds
  • Active veterans tired of Guilds with crazy requirements every week
  • Players who want to compete in Guild Wars
  • Players who pull a lot of trophies

If you’re interested, join our Discord server and inquire! Our Guild is Global and there’s almost always an officer on Discord. We will be interested in hearing about your hero level, Guild Wars experience, weekly Seals/Gold/Trophy production, and where you are on your way to Dawnbringer. Thanks!

8 Hours after weekly reset, plenty to go…

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I want to join your guild. lv 77, 2k-2k5 seal/week, 10k gold per day. Invite code: WDZZZZZ

Hi wdzzzz!

Thanks for your interest, but I think we’re looking for someone a little more active than that right now. 10K Gold/day is below our minimum requirements.

Spot filled!

If you still interested in our guild, you can PM me your stats and I will consider you for our wait list.


One spot open!

Still looking to fill one spot! Touch base with us on our Discord server for faster replies!

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We still have a spot open, PM here or find us on Discord! https://discord.me/Geminy-CricketsGOW

Two spots open! Come join the fun in an elite guild!

We are full! We have a small waiting list if anyone would like to sign up. Join us on our discord server for a fast reply! https://discord.me/Geminy-CricketsGOW

One spot open! We’ve been working on Legendary Tasks since Friday afternoon!

Spot filled! Sign up on Discord to join our waitlist, we have a pretty stable roster but openings come up!

We have one spot open! Have fun with the game in an Elite Guild!

We are rank 80 and very helpful! 1 spot open!

Spot filled! We will keep a short wait list for interested members - just inquire on Discord and will keep you posted!

One spot open!

Still have a spot available.

Longtime Geminy Crickets guild member here; just wanted to say that it’s a great guild to be in. As long as you hit the weekly requirements it’s all good, and there are plenty of members who do much more than that. So it’s great for a mid-level but active player looking for the massive boosts that come with being part of a top-100 guild.

Even better, the active folks on Discord are more than willing to help out with strategy & team advice or whatever else you might wonder about.

Bottom line, come check us out. We have cookies. :slight_smile:


I want to join your guild.
100k gold/week - no problem, usually will be more
1500 seals - almost every time
100 trophies - I always do PVP and Guild Wars fights, so I belive I will do 100 trophies minimum :wink:

Currently - I have 561 lvl, in-game nick - garrland.
If you want me in your squad - send me an invitation.

(I will be out of network because of family issues from friday evening till tuesday, but after that I will be active again. Of course requirements will be passed from wednesday on…)


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Thanks for your interest, sent you a PM.

One spot open! Join our Discord server for fastest replies!