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(28/30) The Guild That is so Awesome That

At one time we occupied 2 slots on the global leader boards at the same time! Chaotic Tide is looking for active players to fill our ranks. Join The Tide, or be swept away by it!


  • 100 trophies weekly
  • 1,000 seals weekly
  • 100,000K gold weekly


  • Current rank 149 with a clear path to 100+
  • Statues in the ~60 range
  • +240% gold bonus
  • A clear, defined path to promotions, demotions, and dismissals, that allows for time away from the game.
  • A trio of officers who are constantly brainstorming ways to bring you a better guild experience
  • In game chat, Facebook, and Discord to stay connected with your fellow guildies

Inbox me or comment here with your average weekly accomplishments to learn more!

What platform are you on? Players need to know that at least… also we can home this thread in the right category…

You are absolutely correct, thanks for pointing that out! We are on pc/mobile.

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3 slots open, now that we have corrected the ghost member bug! Join The Tide or be swept away by it.

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Added 2 people, 1 slot remains.

28/30, 2 openings.