⭐ (28/30) Hoguns Legionnaires - Event and gold based guild. Family of Hoguns

Hoguns Legionnaires is a part of our family of Hoguns guilds. This one concentrates on completing all regular tasks and some epic tasks, while obtaining many legendary tasks once a month. They also concentrate on events and completing all reward stages. Legionnaires are consistently in the top 100 for Tower of Doom, while finishing out other events and climbing quickly up the Guild Wars ladder.

The only requirements are:

500k gold

80 towers

5k boss damage

20 dooms

Use all world event sigils

Play all 30 Guild Wars battles (currently in Bracket 5!)

The guild is perfect for those who have finished putting gold into their kingdoms and are ready to reap the rewards that the events have to offer. We have all three guilds in one discord server, so you get perspectives from members of all walks of life and experience.

Please join our discord server if you are interested in joining. This really is a wonderful opportunity for players looking for that next step in their GoW career.

Hoguns Legionnaires Discord server here: Hoguns GoW Guild


A great mid-level guild to be a part of. Ideal for a veteran who wishes to slow down a bit, as well as someone close to level 1000 looking for a supportive team around them.

Event completion has never been so easy for me as it is with Legionnaires! The family is really supportive and full of great ideas and strategies.

Everything is well organized and the helpful guildmates are always very quick to respond. I definitely recommend the experience!

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The best guild I have ever been in in any game, such a friendly yet competitive personality blend

We’ve still got some open spots in Hoguns Legionnaires. Come on over to our discord and let’s chat! :blush:

This is an amazing guild with easy to do requirements.
Highly recommend to join the Hoguns Family, best guild i have been ever.

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I would like to join, close to rank 800 and have no problem hitting set goals.
Invite code

Hi Hoguns:

Im returning player, lvl 888. Im getting active 4 hours / day and think I can contribute to the requirement. My invite code: vicious_5

Come join the family and learn from some of the oldest veterans of the game.

Come join me in my guild and become a part of my Discord Family

Legionnaires is a relaxing guild. You will get to enjoy all the rewards, while only playing the minimum amount. No farming needed if you don’t want to!

Get advices from the veteran, grow your power level, and even show off your luck in the new Dungeon!

Also, a weekly announcement to check out, so you will never miss new contents, and a weekly story to read, including the exclusive Tower of Doom chapter to bridge the gap between Campaigns, guild members only!

How can I join?

Go here.

We then can have an interview.

Come play with us in Hoguns Legionnaires for a relaxing playtime with a lot of benefits!

With the new update to how Orb of Chaos work, it’s better than ever to get a few Major orbs every week, for a chance to gain Forge/Minion orb that will save you thousands of gems, and maybe even solve your kingdom star blockage problem.

Farming is not important in our guild, just play and enjoy the daily content with the full benefits! Our minimum requirements can be done with an hour of daily playtime and a few tributes, yet all event rewards will be yours.

We are a very supportive community with other 3 guild families. We have many veterans who can help to advise on every single events and the best way to spend and save gems.

A special perk of our guild is spoiler access. You will get to see the art of new troops/weapons/pets/etc. before anyone else! I will also analyze spoiler detail to prepare for all upcoming content and event.

And if the game story interested you, you’re in luck if you decide to stay with us! There will be weekly update that give lore to all new contents, so playing will become more immersive and fun!

We are currently in Bracket 9 of Guild War. It’s the right amount of challenging battles, so I would love to have you join us and climb higher together.

So join us on our Discord server with the links below, so we can have an interview. Looking forward to hearing from you! :smiley:

New year, new post. :grin:

Read the longer version above.

In short, if you are a casual player, who like to play efficiency but want to get all rewards, this is the perfect guild for you.

Join us now! :smiley: