27/30Dream teamers recruiting members for dedicated but fun atmosphere to help us reach our goals as a guild. Would be a pleasure to have you with us

We were a guild that’s been established for a few years but never had enough manpower or dedication to be where we want in the game. ie events, tasks and whatnot. We’re looking for new members who are dedicated but enjoy the game in its entirety. We would like to start finishing tasks, LTs, and events to final rewards where possible. Reqs are 400k gold. And 1000 seals with the aim of hitting 40k regularly and guaranteed on mythic weeks. Reply here for info on joining our guild.! Some of these goals are flexible per player based on their availability and level. Screenshot_20190713-183649|690x335

Come be a member and help us grow to become the best we can be! We need your skill and troops to push us further. Reply here for more info!

Come on in an apply here. Or join our discord for more info Discord

There’s still time to join! Be part of a friendly community today!

Sign me up in I’m interested