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:gem_skull: (27/30) Perilous Guild League Rank 458 PC/ Mobile Open Enlistment

History/ Legacy: In the annals of Krystaran folklore, Perilous is a name synonymous with an agency of oblivion risen from the ashen desolation of conflict whose legacy looms ominously over the charred and unrecognizable remains of their adversaries.
A malevolent consortium of despots from the Nexion of Entropy, an extradimensional aperture authored into existence from the termination resonance, the resultant by-product of Zuul’Goth’s litany of manifestations in the physical realm.
Led by the Nemesis King, a soulless avatar of destruction, Commander of the Tenebrous Phalanx, and Monarch of the Tempest; Perilous is an autonomous force of nature whose scope of regency spans the conceivable millennia.

Mid-level guild for PC/ Mobile users has three positions available for anyone at or above progress level 500 who may be interested in joining. Our primary roster is rife with an ample supply of seasoned veterans, many of whom are above level 1,000.

In-game event participation is required to maintain membership status.

Weekly prerequisites include, but are not limited to, the following:

250,000+ Gold
1,000+ Guild seals
100+ Trophies

We typically finish blue (gem-centric), and red guild statue (gem key-oriented) tasks the first day of a new in-game event’s platform release.
40,000 Guild Seals achieved on a weekly basis, some Epic Task completion with a vast majority of basic color-coded tasks completed each week.

Benefits to new and prospective members:

  • Supportive and accommodating in-game environment
  • Comprehensive gaming strategies and team build collaboration
  • 90 to 95 percent in-game event/ campaign cycle fulfillment
  • No penalty, i.e. promotional status reduction or loss of membership privilege resulting from Guild Wars performance with a higher emphasis placed on participation in the event as opposed to statistical achievement
  • Detailed Guild Wars opposing unit scouting reports and analysis with threat potential diagnostic synopses (loss probability based on competitor’s team composition)
  • Bilingual capability with Spanish correspondence available by virtue of Guildmaster

Answers to any additional questions regarding in-game requirements for the guild can be obtained on our personal discord server at the following link:

Perilous Guild Discord Multimedia and Networking Services Directory