[27/30] House of Fun . Rank 500+ 400K Gold/1,6k Seals/300 Trophies

Recruiting requirements:
Level: 500+
Weekly: 400K Gold/1,6k Seals/300 Trophies
Participation in the weekly guild events
Language: English (but we come from all over the world)
Mandatory channel for communication: Discord

We are a friendly well-established guild somewhere between casual & hardcore
We are in the God League ranked 248
GW bracket 21
We prefer wellness of our members over stressful competition

We can offer you:
All basic tasks and 3 to 4 epic completed
40k seals claimed every week
Common focus to unlock the valuable deeds
Rewards galore in all guild events
Plenty of strategies & tips (and funny GIF!) in our Discord server
And we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty

Contact me on Discord Lister#0771

Also free cake

Contact me on Discord Lister#0771

Now looking for two players

Now looking for three players

Now ranked 246