[26/30] House of Fun - Reqs: 1.5m gold - All Basic/Epic/Legendary Tasks, 40k Seals and Guild Events completed each week

Guild with a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and helpful people ^^

Each week we:

  • Reach 40k Seals.
  • Complete all the Basic and Epic Tasks.
  • Complete all the stages in the Guild Events.


  • Ideally level 1000+ who can put 1.5m gold each week, but we can accept level 500+ who can put 750k gold weekly.
  • Active in all the guild events (ideally at least Tier 4).
  • Use Discord.
  • Just be nice and drama free ^^

Leave a message here or contact Oupir on Discord if you’re interested. :blush:

Looking for 3 persons that might be interested in joining in ^^
We’re still finishing all events no problem even with 3 less people, so let us know if you’d like to be part of the guild. :blush:

Still 3 spots open ^^

3 spots open if anyone is interested :blush:

We are looking for 4 or 5 active members.
We just made the guild public so that anyone can join and check us out ^^