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240 battles in 6 hours?

Am I the only one who thinks there’s some hacks going on?
Checking this week leaderboard will reveal something not probable.
Rank 1 player is taking 1 minut 30 sec to load up a battle, go through trait animations, beat the opponent, go through win rewards animation. All in 1m30sec for 6 hours without stop.
On my radar that’s to fishy. And no he/she isn’t doing 1 trophy options, point average is per win is around 40pts.


I can confirm 1 and a half minute being plausible… with extra help.
I used to have a JB app from Chinese source that speeds up all animation for double speed goodness…
Until the many weeks of overclocking burned out my IPad CPU and I had to pay an arm and a leg to get it fixed. (It was basically about 40% price of a brand new IPad :sob: )

So now I play normally on Steam instead like a good boy.
As for those on the leaderboard, you can bet your dollars that their mobile devices’ days are numbered…

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Not first, not last, not the only one.


I’m pretty sure that falls under hacking, doesn’t it? Using a third party app that allows you a benefit that other players don’t have.


I agree.

@Sidousai I applaud the honesty, but I’m not sure the devs would condone such a thing.

It’s a fine line from that to true hacking.

@DonBoba I guess the counter-argument is that this is no in-game advantage in itself, and kinda equivalent to just having a faster computer… but no I don’t buy that either: the game runs same speed on all devices (apart from when it hangs) and that playing field is level…

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