2022 Troop review

Ah, 2022, what a year!

So which troops released in 2022 earned permanent spots in your teams?
No one-offs or ‘if we ever get that one world event requiring blue generator elves from Karakoth’ troops.

I’ve not paid much attention to troop releases this year, so my list is very short:

  • The Wild King. This guy actually slaps for E12. I decided not to fully trait him and I’m glad I didn’t - he’s a lot more flexible without his storm. Paired with Doomed Scythe, Angry Mob, and Leprechaun, this is a surprisingly fast team. So fast in fact, that for the first time since getting Zuul, I don’t feel the need to have Mr. Anniheeheelate on my team. I run this team as Titan for the enrage, dust storm (9/10 times fills Angry Mob after Leprechaun cast) and the added survivability from Barrier.

Well, that’s it already.

I think there were some re-heated empowered converters released last year too - but I’m not participating in Guild Wars anymore.


For me

In my permanent teams

Iv wild king
Onyx giant.

And of course obsidian libram
Explode all gems not a random colour
Hell yea.

There all Gws attack teams. At least 4-1. Most times 5-0

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Natureborn Hunter
The Wild King
Eldritch Minion
Boss Dragons

and a bunch of troops ended up in my GW defense teams.

E: Yeah and Magma Dragon aswell. Probably used that troop the most out of anything released.

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Centuragon was released 2021. :wink:

You should update your teams more often :joy:

Try some of these in a team when you get chance:

  • Chalcedony

  • Xenith

  • Czernobog

  • Dark Forest Troll

  • Ettins reworked

  • Carmina

  • Diamantina

  • Amethialas

  • Emeraldin

  • Garnetaerlin

  • Rubirath

  • Sapphirax

  • Topasarth

  • Ahries

  • Magma Dragon

  • Piscea

  • Kris Krinkle

  • Faerie Gobmother

  • Captain Saltclaw

  • Onyx Giant

  • Natureborn Hunter

  • King Oberron