2 Years of Weekly Event Videos

Hellooooo everyone! Been a while since I have made a video post to the forum, but just wanted to announce that today is the 2 year mark of weekly consecutive Monday event video coverage. :smiley:

Every single event since the Spring has Sprung event exactly 2 years ago has been covered. Here is the comparison of the one from today from the one 2 years ago.

Thanks again to everyone who encouraged me to start this series. :smiley:


Oh, so you really are able to say “Hello everyone” instead “Heeeeeeellloooooo everyooone” xD I am amazed!

And thanks for your work, your videos help a lot ^^

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Thanks for your dedication to making helpful videos about GoW, @Tacet. :smiley:


Thank you so much for your videos @Tacet! I’d only discovered Gems of War just over a couple of months ago, and your videos shortly after that. It’s helpful videos like yours that help me learn how to navigate and enjoy this great game. :grinning:

A big thank you and congratulations from all us devs!

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I remember starting to play the game for like a month. Before I stumbled upon information about @Tacet. Watched a few beginner videos. Did a huge :person_facepalming: and started a new account… Which is also why my invite code is AWRYAN_1… Lol
Though I’m not a weekly viewer. Tacet provides a great benefit to the community and the game that should be appreciated by every player. Thank you tacet! :grinning:

Thanks Tacet! You’re always fun to watch and have been a great help to understanding and playing GoW! :metal:

Super helpful and super congrats on the anniversary! Thanks for all the work!

Congratz Tacet that is a fine body of “work” :slight_smile:

Hang on, Spring Imp came out 2 years ago?

… I am getting old.

Congrats Tacet! :unicorn: