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2 troop combined for a stronger attack

I just think it would be nice to have some troop able to combine their strengh and make a super cast.

Both troop could do individual cast but if you wait for both to be full mana you got the possibily to do a stronger attack


Hmmm a multicast spell, I like it. High cost, high reward.


We need a Red/Green troop, a Brow/Yellow troop and a Purple/Blue troop (all with art depicting two characters of respective colors like Nobend Brothers) combining spells to defeat a giant monster and save the kingdom.
The combined spell image must be in this pose:


Go go power rangers lol

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This is a really cool idea, if I were the developers (and feeling particularly sadistic) I would give Kraken/Mab an ultra attack just to fuel the flames of complaints.

But in all seriousness, it is a really good idea.

Because the Power is Yours!



I suggested something like this a few times before… really like the idea…


i like the idea :+1:

it is actually quite dangerous with the tendention of power increase, but i hope devs could make it right and make it work as increase in strategy aspect against the rng

I think double hero in the same team could be a good idea too.

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Saw the title and came here to suggest Black Beast…

Upon further reading, I like your idea. Would be a cool design. Though if they don’t conflict in mana colors, board exploders can easily fill all your troops at the same time. I guess downside is only getting 1 cast out of all that mana.

I think this idea should be used on the imps. It would make them much more useful.

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An idea which comes to mind based on this concept:

Yeah we need something new and i think it would be cool to get new strategy. Do i make normal cast or i take the chance to refil both troop and then do extra damage