2 Spots Open in Our KICK ASS GUILD

Madrina’s Marauders is looking for 2 active, daily players
to become part of our friendly, kick ass guild!

250,000 gold
1,500 seals
100 trophies
All Guild Events
Discord optional

We offer:
Level 6 Guild Chests
Legendary Tasks
All Guild Event Stages Completed

This is a solid guild full of great people!

If you’re interested reply here or friend me: madrina#8212

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:
are there still 2 spaces left?
My husband and I are looking for an active guild.
Our invite codes are: SERANA_N5H4 level 972 and CARTER_8RTP level 670

Hi serana!
Yes there are and I’ll send you an invite.

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Carter joined another guild, so I can’t send him an invite.
It keeps telling me you don’t exist, can you check & make sure your invite #
is correct?
Also, if the reqs aren’t too tough for him, I’ve still got a place for carter.
We’re higher level and get tons more bonuses and rewards than the guild he joined.

I tried your code again & sent you an invite.
Meet you in guild chat!