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2 different prices on guild elite pack?

So, me and my sister (guild leader) were just about to buy the guild elite pack, but we noticed that for her the price is 21,99 euros as for me it’s 14,99 euros? Everything you get from it are just the same, we have both just updated the game and there are no updates available, so what is the reason for this? Does the guild leader always pay more? That makes no sense… I know the outcome of this is, that mine will be that 21,99 too, but this is just not fair, hope someone has an explanation for this… @Saltypatra

What sense is there in poker, if we all get the same cards…

Are one of you on mobile and the other on Steam? Mobile uses your local currency, whereas Steam uses USD. …At least that’s the case for me.

We are both on mobile and we did double check that it said euros

The game itself doesnt state currency though. Where did you see that? Can you take screenshots?

Not sure how mobile sets the currency, if thats based on your actual location or a setting on the phone or app store. If its a setting, I wonder if one is wrong?

Im a guild lead and the guild elite pack shows as 23.79 CAD. Google says thats about 16.06 euros. I am going to guess the currency is off for your sister.

In Google Play Store, go to Account then Preferences. It will show your selected country. If using iOS, dunno :rofl:

Is there a possibility that you and your sister are living in different countries that use different currencies ?
If that’s the case, than exchange rates might take effect, but not sure if difference would result in being such big… :confused:

we live within 2 kilometers. here is my screenshot…

My sister has gone ice fishing so it will take a little while to get her screenshot :smile:


Ask her to check her app store settings. Otherwise Im out of ideas :woman_shrugging:

this is her screenshot

As can be seen there is the € sign on both screenshots… Not gonna buy before i am explained what is wrong, I’m sure it’s some simple think we can’t see… I’ll try the same thing Tom Cruise did in Vanilla sky and just scream TECH SUPPOOOORT!!! :sweat_smile:

Weird. Tag a developer or open a support ticket.

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I would change category of thread to bug reports maybe?

Unclassified threads are much more likely to be ignored.

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Hmm, interesting. They could be testing different prices. Another game I play does that, usually before changing prices - for most people, price is X (old), but some people get price Y (new). Then devs compare how many items were purchased at the two different prices and make a decision on what the new price should be.

Afaik, GoW hasn’t done that in the past, but they’re pretty big on monetization these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced A/B testing for prices.

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Reminds me of a video I saw a while back about a mobile company who specializes in implementing “dynamic pricing” in apps that essentially uses machine learning to predict what price is most likely to get a user to buy.

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I changed the category to bugs as advised :slight_smile: if this is some kinda test for best prices my sister didn’t ask to be treated as a test monkey, she is now confused and wondering why treated differently and she is the one putting more money to the game. I still hope it’s just something we don’t understand. I’ll tag a developer to the post, just not sure yet who… that salty seems the most active so let’s go with her…

@somedev @anydev?

Pretty sure your sister is using an Apple product, Android shop prices have always been slightly cheaper, but the difference is much steeper after the recent Android shop price drop.

If I check on my iPad the guild elite offer is priced at 21.99€, while on my Android phone the same offer is 14.99€… it’s not a bug, just the difference in prices between the iOS and Android stores (whether it’s justified or not is another issue).


thank you, so that explains it! :smile: weird, but hey, I’m the one with android, so no complaints!


Never knew there would be a price difference. How does Steam compare?

@terberos, from now on whenever you sister wants to buy something, have her log in temporarily to your android. :woman_shrugging:


Here’s a hot tip, nobody should really be buying these at all. It’s poor value for money


There never has been or will be anything of value EVER for purchase in real dollars terms in the game. Long live or maybe short live; the free to play brigade.