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2 Different Impervious troops devoured

During 3 different PvP matches I have lost Plague and Elemaugrim to devour from Kraken. Both are fully traited (impervious) and were not stunned. I have submitted tickets with screenshots.

I wanted to share with the wider community. I hope this helps someone.


from the patch Known Issues:

Impervious is not working correctly. STATUS: Investigating.

Thank you Marvelkit, I did not read patch known issues and I am sure a lot of people didn’t. I hope this post can stay open for the information of others who did not read all the info available.

:thinking: . o O (if they didn’t read the patch notes, why would they read this…)


I hope that was a joke Lyya. I am trying to help people with a specific issue which might affect them and get them to lose a match or two.

Patch notes TLDR.

It was a joke. It was also a bit tongue-and-cheek, because (a) posts like this tend to slip below the fold quickly, so it’s only helpful for a few days; (b) Discourse search is not the best; and (c) most people who ever post about anything on a forum do so without doing research anyway.

But I appreciate your intent nonetheless. I’m just being silly.


Thank you. I posted here because my search brought nothing. It may help one or two people, I thought I was seeing things…

@Lyya I saw your humor as clear as a bus. And I enjoy when people try to see a fun side to anything. Life is too short.

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I have the same issue. Behemoth (not stunned) was devoured at least three times by Kraken. Monday, September 4, the bug is still unsolved. Thank you for submitting a ticket.