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2.1 Known Issues

Yes, the map error. It’s frustrating because we lose the map, AND the prizes, and the time put forth to play for that long. What recompense could we get but a single replacement map? :cry:

I got a bug today. Leveled to rank 1 in pvp and got no guild seals for those matches, wins, or levels.
Was playing via steam (offline mode, as usual). Only match that was accounted for was one I played on an iphone.

I’ve seen a stunned Gorgotha summon an Ancient Horror on death. I assume that’s the same problem as with the Infernal King.

I think so:


My dear, you are linking to a private part of the forum, i’m not sure everyone will be able to see it.


Oh duh. Whoops. No wonder it won’t preview… Thanks for the heads up.

Pasted here the old-fashioned way:

Q: death effects being immune to stun intentional?
A: No, not intentional, just a by-product of the way the code handles a troop being killed.
The proc order, when a unit dies, is:

Unit is marked as dead
Status effects are cleaned up
On-Death effects activate
Obviously we need to switch around those last two.
In a perfect codebase that’s a one-line change… we’ll see how perfect our codebase is when we try to change it!

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Got something relevant… Took me ages to figure out this was Orb Weaver in the first place, the Spiders confused the hell out of me, but there’s still something terribly wrong here.

Enemy team was Gorgotha, Alistair, Paladin, Hero w/ Prismatic Orb (Orb Weaver).

Things got weird.

Alastair’s Avenger triggered on the Paladin dying, but not the Giant Spiders or Gorgotha.

The Gorgotha also was a ghost troop.

I think the Giant Spiders may have been visuals only, because I could swear I saw the 14 magic (from the Gorgotha as shown above) underneath the first Spider’s 0-13 mana pool.

I played a second one vs the same team to test; Alastair died first and was brought back as a Giant Spider displaying some Red on its mana pool. Then Gorgotha and Paladin died and Gorgotha became a Spider with a Brown/Yellow mana pool.

Hero died before the Spiders did, Spiders’ mana pools returned to normal, and then Alastair came back as a ghost troop.

Then Gorgotha also came back.

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Here’s a graphical glitch I just ran into.

Enemy hero w/ Orbweaver class spawned Giant Spider on death, previously-killed troop graphic appeared underneath it with other graphical glitches.

Appears graphical only; game functionality was not impacted.

Small typo in the Dragon Soul’s flavor text. It’s “definitely,” not “definately.”


I won a PVP battle (21. Sept. 2016, about 22:40), but it counts as loss
The points were subtracted from 1,000 to 990, but at the “broken sword symbol” still stands the 0 (the ONLY correct thing in this case!!!)

I’m having Dragotaur’s on-death trait spawn Dragonettes that aren’t quite as big as they ought to be stat-wise.

I went and tested it in Explore to confirm, got this (the front one; team has +1 attack also so that has 18 base):

Whereas I should have this:

What level was the Dragonette? Summoned troops’ lvl is limited by the magic stat of the summoner right, so perhaps the Dragotaur’s magic is limiting this…
Or your Dragotaur isn’t 20?

Any chance it didn’t factor in guild statue bonuses? You seem to be missing 8 armor, 8 life and 3 attack, which sounds pretty familiar.

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I don’t think on-death summons work the same way as manual summons, because I definitely remember vsing Famine while this happened once or twice and it wasn’t a tiny Dragonette.

That definitely seems like the right numbers. So summons don’t get guild statue bonuses.

I can reproduce a graphical/UI glitch using the Explore menu.

On iOS, go to any kingdom’s Explore menu, but back out at the “To Battle!” screen instead of starting the match. The chat button will appear in two places on the map screen: the expected place and overlapping the gold counter.

Both buttons work to bring up the chat interface, so it’s not just a graphical glitch.

The statue bonus window (opened clicking on the question mark on the statue) says: “Skill bonus active for null”.

I suspect the bonus is currently still on, but there are less than 24 hours to its expiration.

You are correctly. We will be trying to get a fix for the next update.


Another Ghost after killing the Giant Spider that the Hero spawned…

Doesn’t brick the game, but ghost is retained after completion…

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@Phaethon, same bug, against the same person.


tries not to laugh