2.1.5 Arrives!

Should it instead be “that’s messed up right?”

P.S. Psych is the best show ever. My boyfriend and I laugh at each other and say his signature catch phrase weekly (“did ya hear about pluto?”)

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Whoa that’s a lot of traffic. Sorry, missed all that (well, not sorry I missed some of it) - was asleep - something I usually do at night (filthy habit I picked up in the east).

Hi @sirrian, great job with the update. Did we get previews or did I miss them? Or did we wisely decide that previews only generate unfounded and mindless over-reactions…


  • new music excellent
  • new hero looks excellent - just need serious buffs to weapons to make heroes worth using
  • gold/soul/map cap counters - irritating - I find them a distraction - I’m not slavishly trying to hit caps every game (and never was) - can we have an option please @Sirrian to turn them off?
  • Valkyrie had it coming
  • legendary guild tasks, seems good, will wait and see how they unfold
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I suspect that’s going to line up with my opinions, I haven’t had time to test things out yet though. Give me a couple hours and I will…

I think they forewent previews because it’s a minor patch. Can nearly guarantee the next big patch (2.2.0) will be returning the previews.

I’m quite happy with this update, if only because my Naga avatar actually looks reptilian instead of the offspring of Cthulu using one-too-many tentacles on his last human date. :wink:

I’m looking forward to seeing what sorts of avatars will be appearing in the Shop from here on, maybe one or two’ll actually be able to find that stubborn wallet of mine.

Shame about Valkyrie, but I’m glad a few other troops can actually generate some souls now. (Still think KoS should have a use for that kingdom mana.)

Thanks for all your work on a really great game, one I’ve been playing for nearly two years now. While I appreciate the new music, and I think it’s very good, the old music has a really entrenched place in my mind and heart. You said you ‘added’ new music. You didn’t. You ‘replaced’ the music. Couldn’t you have BOTH?! Is there a way I can get a copy of the old music, if you are unable to ‘add’ the old stuff back in? Please? Thanks.

Unfortunately we don’t have distribution right for the old music outside of the game.

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How about the traitstone fruit machine. You could play using souls?

Devs have always been (afaik) against creating mini-games that you don’t actually play

Any mini-game is likely to involve gem matching on a board of some kind… just look at all the cool variants throughout the PQ1, PQ2, PQGalactrix games…

Customization is nice, but scroll buttons are almost the worst possible way to do it. Yes, I know that almost everyone does it that way, but it’s still awful. You don’t know how many options there are to choose from without scrolling through and counting them, and it’s difficult to compare multiple options. A grid or even a list is far preferable.

I’m also disappointed that the male body wasn’t changed at all. I realize it would have required redrawing all the armor, but it’s still the ugliest art asset in the game. The posture is absolutely terrible, and the arms are both horribly mismatched – the left arm looks like a lance because the wrist is so ridiculously skinny, and the right is this thick, short, misshapen monstrosity, with the hand connected almost directly to the elbow.

This removes one of the major barriers to me buying the Death Knight pack. I wanted the bonuses, but didn’t like the appearance. That may not have been an issue for anyone else, but I think it’s a real positive change.

As for the soul / Necromancy changes, I’m not sure what the real impact will be for me. I’ll have to see how it plays out. I’m always starved for souls, even using Valkyrie frequently, but if I’m earning 20-30 souls every battle, instead of 50-80 half the time, and 8 the other half, that seems a palatable change. It feels like only half the change necessary though, and not the good half.

I’m actually hoping to see far fewer Valkyries on the battlefield now that she has Mana Shield. Otherwise, Mab’s going in the corner. It’s one thing for a few troops here and there to hard-counter another troop, but when that counter is on nearly every team…

Does Necromancy still increase soul gains from spells, or does it only raise the cap? I guess I could reasonably test that, now that there are visible counters. If it only raises the cap, then it’s basically useless, because you’re better off fighting more battles and gaining other resources than extending one battle to hit the increased cap.

I’m glad Banshee has a use again, after being largely displaced by Hellcat. I’ve always liked Wight, so now I have an additional reason to put him on teams. I’m exceptionally glad that the hero stat bug was fixed – facing heroes that could nearly wipe my whole team with a single cast wasn’t fun.

Why multiply gains by 10, rather than cut costs by a factor of 10? I think it makes sense for most creatures to naturally only have 1 soul. Cutting costs does favor existing players with a supply of souls over new players, but I don’t think it’s worth arbitrarily inflating numbers over.

I would have appreciated one, because I don’t like surprises. Even good ones, and people seem pretty upset about this one. I opened the game before visiting the forum today, because I hadn’t seen any indication that we’d be getting a patch, saw that my avatar had changed, and had an anxiety attack. Some warning would have been nice, would have allowed me to mentally prepare for the changes before they happened, rather than logging in to play and instead having to spend time figuring out what happened and how I’ll have to adapt before I can get to playing.

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I don’t think it was mentioned and I’m curious. During the time when there’s only one Mythic available in chests if we get a Mythic from Legendary task is it this one Mythic or a random one anyway?

@Sirrian any chance to get a quick buff for necromancer class, please?
why has he been skipped in those balance changes? (i cant check in game but i dont see it on the list)

edit: btw im loving the update especially avatar part :3

So when will be new update?

( j/k)

Why, I mean whyyyyyyyyy…there is no afro for hero to select ?! mm?!

Because both the old and new strategy revolve around severely restricting player choice. Whats more important, the logic behind gaining ten souls from one troop or giving players 100% creative freedom?

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I don’t see what your response has to do with my question. Neither increasing base soul gains nor decreasing soul costs has any effect on the relative balance between soul generating troops, and if they were to remove soul generation from troop spells or traits as you suggested, neither would have any impact on “creative freedom”. Multiplying soul gains by 10 would have exactly the same consequence as dividing all soul costs by 10 in almost all circumstances. Smaller numbers are just generally preferable, because it’s easier for players to mentally perform mathematical operations on them, and they take up less space on the screen, which is particularly a concern for mobile.

As you’ve said, there’s a supply and demand problem with souls. I’m saying they should even out the supply side to increase creative freedom, and decrease the demand side to reduce the pressure to use soul generating troops, also increasing creative freedom.

In general, I prefer that too-high numbers come down to meet the too-low numbers, rather than increasing all the low numbers to complement the high ones. Number creep tends to obsolete older content, or impose a maintenance burden to prevent it from doing so, which also carries the risk of disrupting any balance they have achieved.

I agree, but now it’s worse.

Developers wanted to free us from the need to always use Valkyrie, but now to farm souls we need to use a souls generator troop and 1 or 2 troops with Necromancy trait. A far more severe restriction.

It seems a big fail to me.

Im not sure why you are confused. Anyway, who cares if they gives 10 souls per kill or reduce the number of souls required per troop by 90%? For people that cannot count?? Its irrelevant which way they choose; but they wont choose either anyway.

How? You are no longer tied to any troops then. All troops receiving 8-10 souls per kill allows absolute “freedom”.

Exactly, people who need souls are more restricted.

People who dont will miss out on less.

Have to say it: New avatar style is really ugly. Hair and feature quality are so much lower than the base of avatar. Colors are Ugly, details are too low and don’t fit with original design.
The only good thing is to be able to change armor without taking off the bonus.

I disagree, or at least flatly fail to see your logic. How is it a more severe restriction in allowing you to use more troops? Yes you will have to design the team accordingly and mix and match more - rather than just Valkyrie plus the nearest blue (and often over-powered) damage dealer.

Seems a good change and long overdue to me.

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Have to agree… variety at the cost of quality, not sure if want?

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