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2.0.1 Arrives!

Not only that, but that 20% has to be arranged such that there are no runs of 3, otherwise it matches and cascades dropping below the threshold.

In a perfect distribution, you get 9 of each color/skull, so getting 10 is fairly trivial. But each step beyond that gets exponentially more difficult due to matches.

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oo shiny :sunglasses:


Nice weapon get. Congrats man.

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Ever thought of giving the Black Beast a special trait called Regurgitation in place of Regeneration as his third trait? It kinda makes sense for him considering how big his meal was. It takes a while to devour. So his magic gives him the option to regurgitate after eating his first ally instead of just eating the next ally until none remain. He will never get stuck with his spell. He will always activate it and skulls will pop out. The only thing that you need to determine is whether his spell will grant him a random stat or a certain amount of all stats.

Just a thought.

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I had a long winning streak ended by a Black beast that ate all his marauder friends. I was dodging skull setups until…alas…i met my demise.

@Sirrian, I don’t recall seeing a follow-up to this. Was curious since there are not yet any Clobbering troops in game. Thanks!

Do we know when MAB frozen skill will work again?

Mab’s frozen works now for PC. But, I think they can’t fix it on iOS until next week.

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Asha you rock, you seem to know everything! Here’s something new. What do you think about changing Herald of Chaos skill from targeting the first player to player of choice. I really like the card and the design but thinks that should be changed. Please tell me your thoughts

lol I don’t even know half of everything in this game. :smile_cat:

As for Herald, I don’t use him as much as I would like. I would love it if he could do targeted damage since he uses so much mana.

Well it’s settled Asha can you talk to the devs and see if they can change Herald, it’s such a cool card that deserves to be used more

Herald of Chaos already has a target for his spell:

Hex Blade (14 Purple/Brown)
Destroy a row. Deal [Magic + 1] damage to the first enemy and reduce a random Skill by [Magic + 1], boosted by Blue Gems destroyed. [2x]

The “row” in question is the target. No spell in the game allows for multiple targets to be selected, and that would require a fairly significant change to put into effect.

Besides, Herald’s third trait (Death Touch) means he’s going to see increased use, now that Death Mark is so much more deadly.


Interesting so Deathmark really works now or is it in the works? I think the skill should be hit any target rather then the first but that’s just me I guess.

See this thread for an ongoing discussion of the changes in 2.0.1 regarding Death Mark (with varying degrees of relevance throughout):


Oh yes I love it when you talk dirty to me, creeping death is it worth it or not? I’m yet to own this one

It was mostly worthless pre-2.0.1, as Death Mark was underwhelming. Since 2.0.1, it is seeing a rise in popularity.

That’s great news I shall invest the time into acquiring creeping death, thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. I can’t wait until the guild update, it’s exactly what this game needs. I love competition and with the leaderboards being reset it gives everyone a reason to compete and go hard. I can’t wait this is the update that will take this game to the next level! I think Guilds should also benefit from a say a VIP perk! Please share your thought guys

My thoughts are, your enthusiasm is infectious and is making me giggle.

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Have the devs confirmed that the guild leaderboard will get reset?

Lyya there you go talking dirty to me again lmfao, I’m glad that I can make you giggle. A friend of mine said that the devs said they will be resetting the leaderboards but I have not officially heard this myself. I hope he’s right because it would be really Epic! Some guild have like 2 year head start on new guilds. What do you all think of guild ranking bonuses and weekly rewards?