12 Hours of Treasure Gnome Hunting Stream

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be streaming about 12 hours of hunting Treasure Gnomes in hopes of getting every unique drop they have and some power orbs. Feel free to join us in the fun on YouTube @ Tacet the Terror! :smiley:


Sounds like a over time day, have fun and good luck!

This can easily end very quicky, or turn into the most frustrating stream ever.

Could you please post your 12h results? I’m curious about the loot table. Thanks


I will be grabbing a bit more data this weekend. Will likely post the data on Sunday once enough is accumulated. It will be data for around 150-200 treasure gnomes or so.


Good luck Tacet I already have data on over 50 myself just today but I won’t be doing 12 hours straight that is crazy! Cheers

Go @tacet go. Keen to see the summarised results.

Not sure how you made out Tacet but I ended up with 102 gnomes killed 1 escaped and 11 vaults in my grinding. Sadly despite all that still no Cedric troop :frowning:

I’ll post my summary in the usual thread for those interested it was 1 gnome every 8.5 matches average for me over the last 24 hours.