10000 gold chests statistics

I just finished opening ~10000 gold chests.

Here are the numbers and statistics:
5008, ~50%, were common troops
1647, ~16%, were rare troops
1867, ~19%, were minor trait stones
666, ~7%, were major trait stones
812, ~8%, were other valuables

Others valuables amounted to:
~150000 golds (estimated @750gold per 50 chests)
153 gems
8716 souls
5640 glory

I will now start opening 10000 glory chests and create another post.

If you want more details, let me know, I kept my overall statistics.


I am actually very interested in this, and 10,000 is a very good number. Thank you for this information.

I am expecting with glory chests and 10,000 you should get around 150 legendaries or so

and then they say iam a Poser … 10000 Gem Chests or Noob

You’re a poser to!?! Awesome! Maybe we could start a guild together.
We could call it the “The Posers”. How about it @Claussanta86?