10 vault keys opening [VIDEO] Are they even worth it?


Looks worth it to me.

Are they worth it? Since they cost you nothing, the answer is yes. I don’t even need to watch the video.


Are they worth the grind, not are they worth opening lol :smiley:

There is no grind for these. They just randomly appear with whatever else you’re doing. 100% pure gravy.


But surely no-lifers are at it at this very moment.

Not worth the grind, but it’s nice to get some when playing normally

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Aka people that enjoy the game so spend their time playing it.


Is this a joke you got 210 gems 23 event keys 25 gem keys 80k gold . 0 shitty trait stones…

And you are really asking are they worth it…

Lucky AF ya


Not my definition.

If anyone is grinding, they are doing it for traitstones, gold, souls, glory, trophies, etc., and they need to evaluate the ‘worth’ of that grind by what they are able to derive from their play (whether that is in-game rewards or, you know, fun?). Getting extra stuff from Gnomes just makes choosing to grind now slightly more profitable than grinding at other times.


Yeah I was veeery pleasantly surprised by that too :smiley:

After a night of gnome hunting, I finished traiting all Troops and found 5 vault keys, with a fast explore team it can go rather fast.

Just pick some Troops you want to trait and go to town. And I don’t stay in one spot too long, I found bouncing around seems to pop them up more often.

So they may have not boosted rewards but I do see a increase in gnomes.


I got 2 vault keys in 15 gnomes
10 arcanes Stones
3 celestial stones
3 celestial stones from a gnome
In the last 1 h WOW!!!

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:musical_note:if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad …:musical_note:


I opened 10 vault keys too. But it’s not really worth it!!

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