* * 1 SPOT LEFT in our KICK ASS GUILD * *


Madrina’s Marauders is looking for ambitious, daily players to
join our solid, kick ass guild!

250,000 gold
1,500 seals
100 trophies
All guild events
Discord is optional

We Offer:
Level 6 guild chests
Legendary Tasks
All Guild Event stages completed
A friendly, supportive environment

This is a strong guild full of outstanding people.
If you need help or advice, or just some info, we’ve got it -
Most of us are over level 1,000.
If you’re not, you’re welcome if you can do the reqs.
We’ll help you become a better player!

If you want to know more reply here, or friend me on discord: madrina#8212

Looks good for me. Seals and trophies are easy for me. 250k gold too, but I have not all kingdoms 10lvl, so… Anyway it will be great. I am free since tomorrow

Hi knekht!
I’ll need your gow invite # to send you an invite through the game mail.

As soon as I have your gow invite # I’ll send you an invite.

Hi Madrina,
I sent it by PM

Hi knekht!
You need to leave your current guild before an invite will go through.

As soon as you’re out, I’ll resend it.

See you soon :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but I already accepted invitation from another guild. Thank you anyway :slight_smile: