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1 Minor stone need 2 Major to craft?!

Hi, in soulforge, 1 major stone need 3 Minor + soul. But how and why 1 Minor stone need 2 Major to craft? Shouldn’t 2 or 3 minor can be crafted by 1 major one?

Dev please answer. Thx

HI man, I am with you … there is no sense in that, any new player has to face that in order to improve their troops…, hopefully, devs will response this.

Not only in early play. In later when you power up kingdom, minor stone require a LOT. Easily need 300+ . I found it is even harder than Arcane stone in some case.

The usage of Major Stones is very limited while Minors are a constant requirement in every troop if i correctly recall. In the past it wasn’t rare to have a lot of Majors and very few minors, we didn’t had Explore Mode back then, so we had to play the challenges over and over which would take a lot of time because of the stars progression.

Anyway, while it certainly feels wrong to use two stones of better quality to gain a single one of inferior quality it’s all about balancing the use of the Soulforge without handing out everything easily to the player. Part of the challenge consists on being patient and dedicated.


The Soulforge is intended to provide players with an option to craft resources they do not have for a price. Generally, Minors are more abundantly available, so although this seems a bit backwards (after all, Major are more rare, right?) there must be a cost/benefit involved for the utility of having a feature (the Soulforge) that allows you to have craft many things. I’ve add this comment to the Soulforge article! We also have one on Traitstones.

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Thank you guys for answering. So have to go with it…LOL


They made soul forging traitstones purposely useless by making it too expensive.

I still wonder if someone forged souls :wink:

That would be a big rip…

Another way to put it:

The traitstone economy is weird. You will “max out” on majors way before you have enough minors/arcanes. A long time ago, you couldn’t do anything about this. You just accumulated hundreds of majors you didn’t need and that was that.

The devs, for a long time, REALLY didn’t want to add any kind of crafting to the game. In their opinion, the game is about obtaining resources. This is an opinion they’ve never really changed, it just bends a little.

So there aren’t any efficient resource conversions in Soulforge. Any time you turn one thing into another, it costs you more to do that than you started with. Ingots eat souls. Traitstones eat each other. Orbs require at least one more minor orb than the value of the major represents.

Players do not like this. Players routinely point out the conversions should be efficient. Players think the worst rate for, say, orb of growth -> major orb of growth is 20 minor orbs. It makes sense, no one is calling it a bad idea.

But like the class change fee, the devs have their foot down pretty hard. This is not a bug or an oversight: they intentionally designed these conversions to be “a bad deal”.

Look at it this way, though.

Right now I have more than 1200 major earth traitstones. If I were to trait EVERY troop that uses them, I only need 864. So I have roughly 350 majors I can convert to other traitstones. I have 1875 minor Earth traitstones, but I need more than 2300. But if my 350 majors can only convert to 150 minors, that’s still 150 minors I didn’t have to farm! This time 2 years ago, there was nothing to do.

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