1.0.85 update arrives tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4 to follow shortly after

Confirmed, not an April Fool’s joke! The update is coming tomorrow!

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April Fool joke confirmed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I literally got cold chills when I read this.

I REALLY hope it’s a 0 MB patch with nothing in it except a comma change or something.

I wish PC/mobile would have some kind of April Fool’s joke added to the game for the weekend. Something like all challenges become 4x goblin teams or minus 100% all resources weekend where all resources show as if they yield 100% less, but still give the full amount.


A month ago, when we set this as the likely date for release, I fretted quite a bit about how people would react to launching on April 1st…

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It’s ok we can farm challenges to get eggplosion to drop in the meantime


I guess that works too, but that is more of an Easter thing. I also found that you still get eggs if you repeat the same challenge over and over again, but the drop rate for doing so does seem lower.

wonder if it will end when the event period ends.

Update is live. Some “freezes” when selecting teams and longer loading times but i hope thats because it is new and they are still changing some Server stuff.
But i like the update, finally able to upgrade my troops and kingdoms <3

I didnt get vip points for past purchases :frowning: bug?

That’s certainly odd. Can you submit a ticket to Customer Support? http://support.505games.com/support/solutions/folders/6000149221

They respond very quickly, and should be able to figure out what went wrong.

Same here. No VIP points for previous purchase. Ticked submitted.

@Nex, I think this happened on the mobile/PC update for everyone and was hotfixed. Maybe the same problem happened for console?

i spent 70 Euro in the past and iam only VIP Level 1 . Thats a Joke?

I would definitelyopen a ticket. It’s not a joke.l, just an error.

If the consoles reflect mobile you can find the VIP information below

wrote a Ticket i know i bought 50 and 20 Euro PSN Card for Gems after Release :confused: I should have Level 3 or 4

i still have the Emails for the purchases that should help

It could help but you most likely won’t need them. The mobile/pc platforms went through the same issues, I’m sure they will get you fixed up quickly.

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i just added them to the Ticket :confused: