.0000000000000000000000005 %.... (Discourse won't allow titles that are just numbers)

… Chance that Harpy is actually summoning only 5% of the time. But of course that chance stacks to 15% real quick right?
Honestly, do you want players to enjoy your game?
This is like a bad relationship. You want to end it but you don’t have the harpies to break it off. So instead you just torment your significant other until they end the relationship.
It’s all clear to me now. Y’all want to work on Gems of War 2 but can’t so long as too many active players are still playing GoW.

This is just at level 100.
No where close to getting to 2500 against this madness.

The match isn’t anywhere close to being over either.

So for the first time ever, I appreciate the Ninja change that this thread may have triggered.
Yesterday the Faction troops for the AI summoned with all 3 traits. Today only 2…
You’re welcome ladies and gents. :grinning:
(There was even a weird hour yesterday where Harpy mage summoned without any traits.)


I’ve had the same experience at lvl 160/horde 100 in standard delve. I had to kill over 20 harpies and not once did I manage to summon a replacement p1 mage (35%???). 45 minutes of torture before I finally one shotted all 4 enemies with queen having realised that the only way to end this lunacy was to grind them down into one shot range. Ridiculous