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Yes babies we made it, we bloody made it!

This thread should belong to the Recruitment category. :laughing:


@jpraveensn Not a bad idea, but we are currently full. :+1:

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I really don’t think that’s what they were saying, you’re blatantly promoting your guild so this should be a recruitment post.

I also don’t see how this event was any harder than others, we beat it on friday/Saturday which is about standard for events :thinking: (but then again, Gemocide Ultra is an elite guild :grin:)

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Wish I could say the same about mine… we were only half way through 11th tier.
So many people below 1k score, only 10k had the 5.5k that would have been required of the full guild.
Very disappointing.

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Haha…smoothly promoted!

By the way, we are Anonymous Guardians. Have you heard of the name? :sunglasses:
Coz that would be ironic. :laughing:

Ouch, hurtful! Sorry to hear. Book of Deeds is pretty much among the most wanted resources now for endgamers…

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Indeed… even though they do feel fairly useless due to the low rates of the Imperial Deeds that need to go with it.
Still, frustrating to see some book of deeds as the final reward and being unable to earn it because other people don’t do their part, when you go above & beyond your own part.