[XB1/PS4] Console game... Massive number of errors

Starting at 11:07 am PST today, we’ve been experiencing a huge number of server errors on Xbox One for the last hour:

Not in a Guild error
The current PvP event has ended
503 service unavailable
No server is available to handle this request
Error getting above guilds, 1iRkdFjokfi9
Tributes opening with no resources

Global chat reports that players are being booted out of everything, that people are losing all their teams to reset, etc.

I’m afraid to check my Mailbox in case the items are lost when I try to Claim them, so I presume some Daily Bonuses might get lost at this point.

If this is happening on the PS4 side too, better let the devs know about it.


Same is happening on mobile as well (Android, at least). There’s got to be something going on with their servers or something. Definitely not isolated events or anything.

Nonstop error codes! As above.

Just not worth it to PVP, go into guild, or anything. Keep getting kicked out, locked out and errors happening.


I received on XB1 the same sequence of error codes mentioned in your Mobile thread:

“You are not in a Guild”
"503 Service Unavailable. No server is available to handle this request."

Game is definately unplayable. Frustrating as hell. Every other pvp match shows wrong kindom error and I don’t get credit for the win. WTF

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Back to back to back matches. This is rediculous!!!

Yeah same thing is happening on mobil/pc as well currently. Keep having to reload the game, just to have the same errors happening.

One of our guys lost 400k gold! Support said there were NO issues.
He’s furious.

They can’t just leave it like that it’s been more than THREE WEEKS; is it a Christmas JOKE ???


Peace, friends. Sirrian and the team posted recently the reason for the service disruption here in the Official News forum:

And they discovered an issue which has affected users on ALL platforms, which the devs are working on fixing.

Please cut them some slack, Sirrian himself stayed up all last night to monitor the server situation. Do keep in mind that the level of customer Support for this game is possibly the best you’ll experience anywhere. :slight_smile:

But do keep reporting any new error issues that pop up. Nobody here is a mind-reader after all.

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