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[WORKING ON A FIX] The Archdeva not "One Cast Only"

I’ll let you know the scope of the fix when it goes in. It will likely make it so no summoned troop can do a cast once per battle (on your team side) if you have already cast that spell previously. This won’t just be for Archdeva, but will likely encompass all cast once troops.


Thanks Salty and devs for considering this. You can close this thread as well. I think that the essential about this have been discussed already.


should probably leave it open until it actually gets fixed, incase something doesn’t go right


I still think this is illogical. If I sacrifice 2 slots for two troops I at least want to cast each of them once. If you summon such troop you just summoned a useless junk.


i would agree on this, it should be 1 cast per troop per battle

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But the Great Maw, youse guys — when single cast was introduced, it was because Great Maws can devour entire teams.

Troops aren’t independently coded—at least not entirely. So all single-cast troops follow the same basic rule. It’s a corner the designers painted themselves into, so we’re stuck with it unless they rework Maw (or decide it’s no longer OP, like they did for Zuul).

I agree that troops should always get a cast opportunity, because I personally don’t think it’s an insurmountable cheese strategy (and I’d love to mow down anyone who tries to beat me with Archdevas, Maws, or that “die gloriously” guy), but I also get why it’s unbalanced (and maybe unhealthy for the game in terms of new and midgame level players).

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Maybe a new mechanic in the future - cast X times only.
e.g. Queen Beetrix - cast 5 times only :slight_smile: (per individual troop)

You know, like how unlike wasps, when a honeybee stings you (just once) with their barbed lancets, they actually rip out their abdomen and die?

Queen Beetrix is fine for what she is right now. Imagine doing L500 delve, potionless, and she can only do 5 cast. I get annoyed when players like to nerf all the troops. Look at what happened to Gobtruffle. Now L500 Amanithrax delve is just so hard at hoard 100. “Players hate a useless mythic, but like to nerf great troops.” When you can actually think of it as a challenge and try to beat it.


Agree, this was unnecessary