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[WORKING ON A FIX] Dripping Caverns Weapon incorrectly linked to Karakoth

Yeah, well. Saying “sorry” doesn’t come easy to some people when they mess up.


When I originally passed the information along I was told it wouldn’t be an issue, so I replied as above.

Then, when it was flagged again, I passed the information on but it wasn’t answered as we were dealing with (and are still dealing with) bugs that are bigger and affect the game in a more serious way. (These need to take priority, which I udnerstand.)

That being said, I followed this up again in order to solve the issue and have an answer for you all.

I apologise that this wasn’t addressed earlier, and for any confusion caused. I hope that this answer sheds some light on what happened for you.

@Snooj, I don’t always have time to amend titles, and sometimes this is something that falls by the way side. Doing this is a small part of my larger duties, so things do fall through the cracks even when I’m following things up. Once again, I apologise for this, but I cannot guarantee it won’t happen again in future, especially as I become increasingly busy.


Appreciate the post. Open and honest communication is very nice to see :+1:

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I feel the need to post again and give credit where credit is due to @awryan for getting what happened immediately.


Appreciate the openness. Thanks for your response.




ok then, I’ll remove my Discord bot’s patch :+1: