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[Working as intended, but unclear wording has been passed on] Event Medal Spell Bonus Calculations

Platform, device version and operating system:
XBox 1

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected the event medal (160% spell dmg) last week to buff the amount of healing provided to the team. Instead, it buffed the amount of damage done to the enemy team. When cast, it did 578 to Viper. Faunessa’s health went from 77 to 162, which is what it normally would have; not the 160% of damage actually done, which was too much. (I think. My doctor told me not to think tho.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This week the medal is again supposed to buff Magic. And yet, while using Enraged Kuranda, the spell damage is again not being calculated correctly. Base is 32, and 32 damage is done.

Steps to make it happen again
I guess test all troops that have spells that do two things at once. Not my job.

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It makes sense to me that the damage would be boosted, actually, but then the healing should potentially also be boosted by that increased damage in the same way that Infernal Armor reflects 25% of the greatly increased skull damage with the corresponding Medals.


At the time of the screenshot, we actually had 1 badge and 1 medal, so, 200% bonus spell damage, which is why it was 578. But still, the spell reads as dmg based upon opponent attack, not Faunessa’s magic. So wouldn’t the 20 healing be multiplied by the 200%, not the 193 attack? I guess you are correct.

Also, I misspelled Kurandara, but his spell still seems broken with respect to the Event Medal. Edit: I just checked again. 34 x 1.6=88. I swear it was 34 this morning, but I’m as bad at math as I am with names. I’ll stick to head butting Elvses. I’m better at that.

Most importantly first: the medals are not boosting any magic. They are boosting spell damage. It’s a big difference.

What i would expect from Faunessas spell though: a cast on a troop with 100 attack would do 100 + (100*2 from 200% medals) = 300 damage. The healing should then be 20 (Faunessa base in your case) + (300 / 3 boost ratio of 3:1) = 120 life.

In your specific example, you state that damage done to Viper was 578, which is already strange, since Vipers attack was 193 so it should be 193 + (193*2 from 200% medals) = 579. But anyway, After that, i would expect it to heal 20 (Faunessa base in your case) + (579 damage done / 3 boost ratio of 3:1) = 213 life. You only got 85 life because 20 (Faunessa base in your case) + (193 unaffected by medals / 3 boost ratio of 3:1) = 84,33 ==> 85.

So in short: The damage calculation isn’t wrong and works as i’d expect. However, the spell description “boosted by damage dealt” isn’t taking the medals into the boost calculation and just act like they’re not there. Not sure if this is intended but it’s definitely confusing.


I’ve passed this along. Thanks everyone!