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Will the new mystic be in next week event chest?

Just a quick question

?Will the new mythic be in next week event chest as they coincide?


Almost certainly no. New mythics are exclusive to Gem, Glory, VIP & Guild chests, so they do not appear in Event chests.

According to official sources, it should.

Event Chests - Only Mythics belonging to the Event Kingdom for that week can be earned (If the newly released Mythic is part of the Event Kingdom then it can also be earned from Event Chests).


“Next” week’s kingdom is Zhul’kari and “This” week’s new mythic from Zhul’kari.

Looks like it should be in the event chest.

That’s where the official comment will be appropriate. @Kafka, @OminousGMan

Thanks for your replies. Probably the best thing to do is to open event chest first if your seeking Archaen Weaver

It is as it says in the official note shown by Qoob.
If the new mythic belongs to the event kingdom he is also in the event chests. :wink:
And it’s not next week the new mythic will in the game but this week (1 oktober)
This also means the new mythic WON’T be in the event chest on Friday and the rest of the weekend

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Anyone got Archproxy Yvendra in an Event chest?

Yup ,got one Friday from glory chest, then dropped one from event chest… Was hunting AW :roll_eyes:


From event chest today


About 4k event keys got me 8 Archproxies and no Weavers.



I will be very disappointed with the result. Should get AW at least once.