Will of Nysha & The Soulforge

I question whether or not she was ever put in the rotation. Maybe just another fever dream, but it seems like mythics always end up shoe-horned in at the end of the cycle in which they were released. She was released mid cycle, so there’s no 2-3 week excuse either.

Mistralus came 1 month after Will of Nysha and rotated last week. Sure the Silverglade Mythic will be there for this cycle yet.

Sycorax, which released a month ago, is now in the soulforge.

Still no Will of Nysha.

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What is going on here? Sycorax is now in the forge, before the end of the cycle in which it was released, but we’ve never seen Will of Nysha in the forge at all? Something is definitely amiss. Either they do get dropped in the pool during their release cycle, and someone forgot to put Will of Nysha in the drop pool, or they don’t, and someone messed up by putting Sycorax in the pool.


Its still entirely possible that the system is placing Will of Nysha at the tail end of this cycle.

Its 40 mythics in (I miscounted last time) + Zuul’Goth + Xathenos + Sacred Treasure

I don’t know if The Lord of Slaugher will make into the Soul Forge this cycle, but otherwise, its 43/44 out of 55 mythics in the game.

Will of Nysha should show up in the next 3 weeks. If it doesn’t, then there’s a legit gripe about it.

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I’d still be interested in seeing some clarification on how the system works. This was just stated in another thread:

That confirms why Sycorax was available in the Soulforge just a month later. But doesn’t that mean Will of Nysha should have been available in cycle “15”? She was released was released on March 6, and would have been available on April 6th for rotation. That left 3 or 4 weeks in cycle 15 where she could have appeared.

Even if she appears in this cycle at the end, it seems like something is bugged or inconsistent with what was stated above.

Into the forge rotation, not into the forge

Was that directed at me? Not sure what point is being made since I said the same thing.

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Purely guessing here, but it isn’t like you all can do much better.

Maybe the Soulforge draws at random from all mythic troops. Then there is another check to see if that troop is allowed to appear in the Soulforge (to exclude Zuul, etc.). If Will of Nysha was drawn early in this cycle, it might have been flagged as “don’t allow in Soulforge”. Likewise, Sycorax may have been drawn late in the cycle, so by the time its turn happened the troop had the flag lifted, and could appear for crafting.

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Thanks. I was thinking something similar as an explanation but you articulated it better than I could have.

My theory is you have at least 2 different developers following 2 different rules.
One puts new mythics released during last cycle into brand new cycles.
While the other puts them in the cycle as soon as 28 days have past since it’s release.

This is supported by what we’ve been told for years in regards to cycles. And recently Salty saying they join the cycle a month after release.

Only recently has their been random variances to the cycles such as Sycorax.

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if i would guess how “mythic cycle” is implemented:

  1. begining of the cycle:
    all mythic in the pool are flagged as viable to be offered in soulforge
  2. pick 4 of mythics in the pool that are viable and offer them in soulforge, flag them as not viable for next pickup
  3. repeat step 1, as long as all mythic have been flagged
  4. go back to point 0.

when new mythic is added, after 4 weeks he gets added into the pool flagged as viable for picking up.

the differance we might be observing is because we dont know, which point of the cycle new mythics are added.

what i could guess, is that Will of Nysha was added to the pool right after the reset of the cycle (step 0), while Sycorax was added somewhere near the end
that’s all guessing, but that would at least explain why some mythics show up, right after 4 weeks period passes and others aren’t showing up for twice or more of that time

Will of Nysha was released on March 6, 2020


May 4th, 2020 was the first week of cycle 16.

She was left out of the pool. Intentions notwithstanding, it’s a clear example of incompetence on someone’s part.

My best bud, who has worked almost 5 years to complete his collection, if even for a moment, has been 1 troop short of a half-decade goal…and it’s no big deal, right? I’m pissed for him.

Intentional or not your post was funny. Don’t take that as insult. It was just funny

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STILL no Will of Nysha. What is going on!?

This cycle technically isn’t over yet, so she could be there next week along with War who hasn’t appeared yet either.

Damn that Nysha Mythic is a hot item, huh? I got her when she was first released and haven’t used her once.

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I think Will of Nysha is a great starter mythic.

The issue in terms of usefulness is that like champion of anu, both scale slowly, but are too slow.

Scorpius can deal lethal, bard is strong and flexible, and Champion of Gard is arguably the best tank along with a rock solid hero.

Without board control, status infliction, or aggressive scaling, Nysha is a good troop with limited effective end game use.

If she had dispel before dealing damage and/or arcane over magic heart, she would be really good.

I don’t think you can call it slow scaling when she can steal up to 12 magic per cast.

You might need a strong feeder to pair her with, like Tuliao, but I’m pretty sure Nysha is a damn strong pick.

I do really like Nysha, and other than a slight trait buff and dispel, she is more than fine. A 12 magic boost each cast is good with most starting well above 40 aoe damage and climbing higher after that first cast.

To me Will of Nysha is the world’s best screwdriver, when all your jobs require a hammer.

You could build a team to fill her fast, but to that point, where would she work best? From and endgamer perspective, she does not stop a L&D, submerge stops her cold, high level delves/Dooms are out of the question.

Think about Shara Vesparu, that troop is a gimmicky troop, but in a monocular team, or at least in one using only her colors, it might as well be a lvl 500 team stat wise.

Nysha can be built around and is a fantastic starter mythic, it just doesn’t have aggressive enough scaling for lvl 300+ opponents or effects like dispel, enchant, etc. to deal with meta pvp defenses.

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