Why the defense dynamic is broken post 2.0 & why you should care

The new PVP set up is sapping my desire to play the game. I don’t mind losing fights, but I detest being punished for things beyond my control. Why bother earning points if they are just going to evaporate when the enemy gets a lucky drop of 3 skulls 4 times in a row? Or you get slammed in defenses?

The “penalty” of losing the time spent in playing a game you fail to win is sufficient.

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Have a look at the leaderboard, there is not going to be some uber defense that wins most of the time …

Browsing through the leaderboard shows the top 100 don’t care about their defenses, they just overwhelm the losses with attack wins …


The system isn’t working correctly. My defense wins are counting as losses.


Wins are losses, cats are dogs, CHAOS!


“I thought we had something special…” lol

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I feel your pain.

Should of easily won a pvp today, had all 4troops left and my opponent only had a traited bat left with 7 health. Computer then gets Raining Critical Skulls four times in a row using only one turn.
Never seen that before.


Yeah I think they just need a longer “shield” like most PvP games have, and/or to make the losses a little less punishing, especially at lower tiers.

Seems like it’s very fixable at least, and not like they created a system that’s fundamentally undesirable/awful.

I’ve felt like the crazy combos have been a little off the charts since 2.0…


Everything is going bananas people!!! hide under your desks or bed!!!

If I play a MMO, say FF14, and go do a dungeon and we wipe, I don’t lose anything except time spent.
If I play Rift and do a PVP battleground and lose, I don’t lose anything, I just don’t gain any points.
Before 2.0, if I played a PVP match and had a string of bad drops (see above about Bat), I could just quit out and lose nothing but time.

Now, if I play a match and lose, either due to my failure, insurmountable bad luck, or a connection hiccup, I lose points. If the RNG sets me as the opponent for multiple other players, I lose points. If I spend 45 minutes playing gaining points, I can log in next and find those point erased. And that feels wrong to me.

Make the Tier set by “total points earned” not “current points”, that way a player can make steady progress towards Tier 1. Use “current points” just for Rank so you can compete against other players.


@7ekn00 I can’t tell if you are agreeing or disagreeing with me. :slight_smile:

If you are disagreeing, can you elaborate on how the fact that

the top 100 don’t care about their defenses, they just overwhelm the losses with attack wins …

equates to a fun or rewarding experience? If the top players don’t care about their defense, doesn’t that speak to how broken the current model is?

A little? It’s out of control hahaha (not in a fun way…)

—Concerning the defense system: Defense “wins” are still being “punished” I think. Why my team would only score 3 points by winning a defense match? Kinda weird. To me this new system was rushed out. It should have been tested a bit longer.

I think the system was tested, just with a bunch of AIs. When Sirrian showed off previews the PVP points looked pretty good, as did the gold rewards.

As we have found out, though, AIs can’t really comment on whether they appreciate losing points for things beyond their control. And they don’t play the game like humans do, which means the team strength scores will be skewed heavily towards things that are good against AIs (Stoneskin/Granite Skin come to mind). And the devs are relatively few in number, so even if they did create accounts in a test server to act as a player in the new environment, they can’t possibly recreate the depth of experience a thousands-strong player base can.

I strongly suspect that the devs did not intend to push out a half-baked system. There are just so many moving parts and so few people to play test in a company as small as theirs.

Edit: I am not claiming that there were no bugs. There clearly were coding issues. I was speaking more about system design.

Just had 3 defense loses, and did not lose any points.

Are people assuming you lose points if your defense loses?

@Mariox I can only speak for myself and say I’ve lost points for every defense loss (I only lost 3-10 points each time but others have stated they’ve lost a lot more, 40+ for one loss if memory serves).


You have a good point.
I totally understand the devs side. I know they are cool and all…I have been playing GoW for some time (almost level 750 and VIP7) (didnt use to post here in the forum though , only read). Nonetheless, It’s a bit frustrating to do the “beta-test” work when I, for instance, am not suppose to. Perhaps the devs could have asked some avid players to beta-test the update (pretty sure many here would be happy to help with that). Perhaps they could have said beforehand that the update wasn’t fully finished yet and we should be expecting “this” and “that” in the first week until they could sort things out. All in all, I just didn’t sign up to test the game…but just to play it. This is a casual game after all (at least for me).
Certainly I will keep playing it, but definitely will be taking it easy until the game the gets some fixes.