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Why I've given up on arena. Opinions?

I’ve picked the best of a bad lot for my team and face this. If it was a one or five time thing no problem. But every time? Arena is now crossed off sadly. I loved it for the souls.
Am I the only one and should suck it up or is arena completely out of wack?

A little embarassing as it maybe … lower the difficulty :smiley: it applies to arena, beautiful way to screw yourself over and over again until you refuse to play anymore.

also sign the petition <3


Ya know I really should wait a bit before posting a frustration. Maybe even try to give it some more thought. I’ve been playing on warlord 3 for a week and completely forgot I set it.
Ok let this be an example to others to check tbeir settings. I’ll be quietly turning red in the corner.
Thanks fifthelement!

Possibly a sign that we should alert players to the difficulty setting when a game starts too!


@Sirrian That would be a helpful reminder, good idea. I can’t be the only one can I? Please say no lol
@Fifthelement signed!

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@Sirrian I see the notice about rewards given based on lowest difficulty. The added should state only the enemies level increases. Your team stays the same level for all difficulties.
By the way, why is that? Isn’t it all but impossible to win at the higher difficulties? Should we not scale as well? Or at least scale every 2 settings? Just curious.

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Whilst technically not impossible, you would have to be extremely lucky using black manacles is the only way I could see players winning on Warlord 4.

LOL, no you’re not the only one who has had the wrong settings. I use to retire from those mix ups, until I found out you could change the settings lower and continue.

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I would take that team on with your team, it looks like a winnable thing. My defence beat 4 people and it was an unleveled untreatable khorvash.

@killerman3333 Unfortunately I was wiped out very fast. If you could win that you’re a far better player than I! I would love to see you play that round. I mean that in admiration not in a snarky way. :slight_smile:
@EternalElder thank you. I don’t feel as dense now lol.

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yeah, this has happened to me, too. “Man, these guys are one shotting me like crazy, what’s going on here…” & then I realize I have the difficulty set too high.

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