Why 3.5 hurts new players

From my understanding… The intent of the Kingdom Power changes was to simplify leveling up players stars.
Well, it was broken down prior to 3.5 to simply this:
Souls and Traitstones could be farmed in every single aspect of the game. (That I can think of anyway)
Now the new system to leveling up Kingdoms can be broken down to this:
Farm souls, traitstones, and ingots. Here’s the thing about ingots though. They can only be found in PvP (Including arena and GW). Therefore forcing Players to trophy hunt if they want to level up the Stars on their Kingdoms.
It’s been a slippery slope of more and more “telling us how to play the game” ever since Guild Wars. 100% monocolor teams was a stepping stone. Where does it end?

  • Must use Red Mana Human from Adana to complete a guild event, but can only use skull damage to beat opponent with 700 life/armor with 25 attack on your troop.

It doesn’t even make sense on the business side. You can buy souls and traitstones. Presently, you can’t buy ingots. Maybe you can during the class event weekends. Won’t know for 2 weeks. Which also means at least 2 weeks before someone who doesn’t want to grind and is flush with cash can’t max level their stars.

I became a VIP 11 mainly cause I hated doing explore mode (prior to 4x). But I needed traitstones to have success in this game. So Path of Glory was an easy choice for me.

I’m sure someone will argue that you can buy gems and use them for gem chests in hopes of getting ingots. That’s a borderline “loot box”…a term that is becoming almost vulgar in the gaming community and the practice illegal in some countries.

Part of why I love Gems of War is because new ideas and features are always being implemented. And with creativity, some things are going to be a failure. I can forgive creative mistakes.
But considering that patches are supposed to fix bugs… Of which it didn’t fix any… From what I can tell anyway. Whether it be the arena, extra turn, or troops casting while dead (I’m guessing this one hasn’t been fixed either.) All 3 are major game breaking bugs that haven’t been fixed despite being told at least one bug had been fixed. It’s hard to forgive dishonesty and incompetence.

TL:DR…3.5 does more harm than good. Devs, please stop looking so far in the future that you never look down to see that your shoes are untied presently.


yea any new modes that force more stipulations on how i can play them i will not be playing hardly at all.already some weeks when im in my own guild i barely play the modes theyve already released because of this.


Preach it dude. No way would I have kingdoms as high as they are today if not for my effort traiting and leveling before the patch. I don’t have every Legendary, or every troop fully ascended. I am glad I got some 9 stars before they took that away from newer players. Needing 2 Legendaries to rank up is so lame; now we can’t progress without RNG.

A worthy addition would have been a mode just like regular PvP but ignores Kingdom and Guild bonuses like Arena does. Maybe another mode just like the one I just described, but also without traits called ‘Classic’ mode. Grinding trait stones is a huge road block for players, especially returning players, and guild or kingdom bonuses change the game so much. I sort of miss the level1-100 game that we lose after level200; there are some neat troops I remember being useful back then that just aren’t viable anymore.

I gotta say, they did do some things right, the search functions are improving for sure, but I wish they added mana cost and AoE effect filters.

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New system Kingdom power kill new player… (Thank ingot…).

You state that ingots can only be found in pvp. Just for completeness, they also drop from every arena battle.

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I don’t consider the arena PvP. But good catch. Thanks.

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I’m guessing they consider PvP as anything that can face an enemy hero.


Guild war should be pvp also then :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to go 5/0 and get 5 Common Ingots.

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Oh i didin’t see it in the list :slight_smile:

Yup this is indeed happening. Think of ingots as being about extra trophies. When your guild has another million of them, you’ll have enough to unlock two trivial stat gains on your Dawnbringer :sunglasses:

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