Which teams does people use in the Vault?

Even if Gnomes should run away in a Vault Key Battle, you still get all the rewards for them. (At least, if nothing has been changed)


Bronzelock Pistol / TINA / Greed / Cedric w/ Mechanist for 50% start on Pistol + a blue/brown banner to fill it quickly. Gets 200 gold, and once TINA is filled it’ll usually kill 3 gnomes with its cast.

I use the same, simple Rowanne team that I use for the majority of Adventure Board and Daily Dungeon tasks.

Mountain Crusher (Elementalist)
Maraji Queen

with the Merlantis banner to reinforce it. If I have a 4-match in green or blue available on the first turn, that’s enough to fill Rowanne and cast her before the other team does anything, and that’s sufficient to clear the Vault. If I don’t have that match, casting Leprechaun fills Rowanne and occasionally grants the extra turn through cascade matching.

The Hero doesn’t matter for the Vault, but having an exploder in another color is useful when using this team against stronger Daily Dungeon/Adventure Board battles when it takes multiple casts of Rowanne to clear everything. Up to a point, anyhow – I’ll switch to a serious team once enemies are enough of a damage sponge to prevent Rowanne from giving me a quick win.

Fire Ruby Staff
Natureborn Wolf
Natureborn Wolf
Natureborn Wolf

Cedric needs yellow/blue, Treasure Gnome wants red. Good luck to either of them finding any of those when I turn the board green 3 gems at a time.

Any class for this line up, even works in dungeon and adventure tasks.

I just use my Rowanne team for mindless spam of delve + explore + dungeon + daily + some other things.
Mountain Crusher + whatever class I’m leveling
Divinia or whatever else I feel like using this time.

I tend to change the 4th troop around just to stave off boredom ;p

Equip 3 Nysha medals, just in case. Against “challenging” level 40 vault. If I have enough green gems initially to explode, usually finish battle in 2 moves.

Labyrinth banner.

Why spend hours and hours farming vks and then not play the hard difficulty? You’re only saving a few seconds per battle.


Because the 120% instead of 110% reward doesn’t give me anything I need. Pretty sure it doesn’t affect the Cedric and Gnome drops, either.

Surely you need gems? Everyone wants gems. Cedric can drop 300 gems on hard difficulty and 900 with an EVK. We’re only talking literally about a few seconds per battle difference. Worth it.

cant bring a horse to the water to drink, it must go itself.

Last I checked, the difficulty setting does not affect what Cedric drops. It only affects the XP, gold and souls rewarded from winning the battle, not from the Gnomes.

Was that changed at some point and I didn’t notice?

August 2020, actually. (Scroll down to Gnome Vault changes chapter)


Thank you. Didn’t see that one. Good to know.
And, yes, highest difficulty might be worth the extra moves.

No. It’s always been this way ever since difficulty was added.