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Where to farm event gems!

I don’t trust a lot of people’s “a dev told me…” but I trust yours.

OK. I have a current page up: http://slypenslyde-gems.glitch.me/exploreColors.html

((But I figured out while editing it I did something very, very wrong that makes these results bad. Oops!))

OK, things should be more reasonable now. Here’s how it works.

  1. 20k battles are simulated.
  2. Each battle is a random quest or challenge match.
  3. Any empty slots are filled with a random troop from the kingdom.
  4. One troop is replaced with a random “event chest troop” which is also now “a random troop from the kingdom”.

Give me some time to figure out summoning traits, I had some groundwork laid to do other things with traits so I need to figure out what the heck that was when I was neck-deep in it a few months ago.


I like that you keep coming back to this thread. I still use it when I get my 100 gems killing x color. Does this run automatically that is always taking in account the new weekly adds or manual run and data is 9 months old?

It is a manual run, and the tool probably doesn’t even work with the current game data/I’m not sure if the “new” explore generates teams the same way.

Long story short: I had a lot of free time because of some weird circumstances, and I did a lot of these tools to learn a new programming language. Then I got a new job and they gave me a lot of responsibility and I don’t have quite so much time to tinker anymore. I’ll try and find some time to poke at it this week and see if I can get it working, then see if the data seems to line up with “new” Explore.