Where do you find information on Gems of War? (Poll)


I bought a newly released glory troop called astral spirit. It was awesome. Then the next week, it suddenly was nowhere near as powerful. I saw there was a refund button, but wanted to know more. So I searched Google and found this forum, along with the post explaining the nerf.


You need to include more than 1 selection vote. Most players will naturally look up information first before seriously get into the game. If I can pick 3, for example, it would be:

  1. Look for information
  2. Get technical support
  3. Purchase problem


Other: Find a better Guild.


AFAIR, I was looking for some hints on how to play the game because there was so much stuff to remember with all the different troops.

I figured others must already have worked out some good strategies, so, rather than try to re-invent the wheel, I went looking and found this place… :+1:


This is so long ago that I can’t really remember… but I think I it was for a game data issue - my Venoxia (that I’d spent cash on gems to obtain) vanished from my troops… and @sirrian himself reinstated him/her/it…


Found this game while searching for Puzzle Quest 3.


I voted other. I am a fairly new player. I came here looking for a guild.


Other: find an active Guild.

After a month or so of playing in 2015 I decided to join an active Guild.

Ha, The game was so different back then. You had to pay Gold to play every single battle, 1x speed, etc…


We do have a game guides section of the help center which we’ve been working on updating over the last month:

At the moment the priority is just to cover all the basic features and how things work, but in the future we might be able to add some common team-building metas or combinations and some other more advanced parts of gameplay.

@Sidousai I thought about that too, and decided at the time when posting that it wasn’t best, but I am reconsidering that now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for your insights, I love it! :heart:


I was looking for tips on how to better spend gold , then a list of kingdom names (b/c they used to only list the flag not the name. so glad yall changed that very confusing and hard to learn in the beginning). then searched for how to actually join guild and use the global chat. eventually i found your forums in a google search. it would be great if we could see a link to forums straight on the map instead of in setting and such. maybe even put a link to forums that is clickable on the top of global chat? quite honestly i find alot more info in fan made sites than i do here in forums by a long shot. Yall should offer to buy out the fan made sites and make them official or something. not trying to be mean just saying i depend alot more on them and my guild site on discord than forums. wish yall could change that a bit at least :slight_smile:


Hi Junette, when you say “forums” do you mean the help center, or the forums we are using now? You mentioned to include a link to the forums, but then said that they are not useful, so I’m a bit confused.

The articles on the help center have been out-dated for awhile until just recently when we finished updating it. Some of the community content (such as the Wikipedia) is outdated anyway. We won’t be buying any Community Wikipedias or updating them in the future as that is the help center’s job and those are community driven. Both of these are linked in-game.


I’ve always looked for info on here.
I have been disappointed that social media seems to be the source for new things coming out, as opposed to the official website that I’m on right now. Lol
But I have a life, so it doesn’t bother me, it just seems rather nonsensical.


News is posted here, too! And in the game. I guess everyone sees the forums and social media in different ways. To us devs, this is also official, but so is social media, and like social as it’s easier to integrate in everyone’s life.

Would you prefer to have news available everywhere, or just in one place?


I have the same relationship with social media as Danny Glover had with, well, pretty much anything in the Lethal Weapon movies: “I’m getting too old for this shstuff”. There are so many platforms (reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—and those are just the ones I could rattle off without thinking too hard!) available that it is too much trouble to maintain active accounts on all of them to make sure I don’t miss an announcement.

Edit: the fact that I am making a reference to Lethal Weapon is, all by itself, a strong indicator that I am too old for social media.


How does watching Lethal Weapon make you old? That show only premiered in 2016 :wink:


Oh my god. Next you’ll tell me Magnum PI is getting the reboot treatment.


Well I mean the forums we r using now. Yes I don’t find forums as useful as my own guilds discord channel(which is TUF and previous guild of Black Dragon) or say Tacet videos, and gowdb.com(my all time fav site for info on GOW). Not trying to be disrespectful saying this. I really wish they were easier to use and had more useful info. It’s a little hard to figure out where actual playing guides are or if there is any. To many sub categories and comments taking things way away from original subjects. U click on a subject and most of time u have to sift thru several minutes of just trash talk if not hours to find the one post that actually helps u. Also alot of out of date info comes up in searches. Some stuff isn’t even in game anymore ,but it shows up towards the top of all my searches.(yes I know u can rearrange order of result. Still out of date stuff should be removed imo) When I first started out in game it was daunting navigating forums. I didn’t even know there was a forum til I typed in “tips and tricks for gems of war” in google search and it didn’tshow up til second page of results. Sorry I don’t have old links from 2016(downloaded game November 2015, but didn’t search for tips til later). I understand and have noticed yall have put lots of new stuff in game and its great! It’s easier than it was, but I’m still having to give out forum links, discord links, and Tacet videos links in chat to newbs and mid level players from global. (Yes I know u don’t have power over discord, tacet etc)Which I don’t mind all that much, but I can imagine some people won’t help at all and there go new players leaving. I know where links are ,but it would seem to be better to have a second clickable link located at top of global chat window. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOW😍!! Yall have a really neato-frito game here. I’ve also made some really great friends from around the globe just b/c of yall’s game. I’m happy to give any feedback yall need to make it better and expand the player base.


I was looking for general information about the game, just like any game I play for more than a few days.