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Where are we all enjoying this wonderful game?

Hamburg, Germany

Hello from Poznań in Poland :slight_smile:

Welcome @Yyurgas and @saski. You are #115 and #116.

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Cool… go find yourself a new avatar though :wink:


from Jakarta , Indonesia here

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You’re #117 on the map @madoet. Welcome.

North Lincolnshire, England.

Let’s add Portugal to the list!

Ovar, Aveiro, Portugal

Hessmer, Louisiana

Hannover, Germany

Welcome to the new four - some. :wink:

@Dan_ozzzy189 is #118
@Scala is #119
@LadyFae is #120
@Clutch is #121

Enjoy the view.



Welcome @alexander to spot #122.

Budapest, Hungary

Welcome to the map @Kensignore at #123.

Plymouth, United Kingdom. I’m not the only one by the looks of it, so is Ragereaver.

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So I put your location in twice in a row so @mld-81 you are #124 and @Ragereaver Is #125. Welcome.

Now 3 from Norway :grin:
More precisely, Oslo the capital.


Welcome to the map @Lun. You’re #126.

I’m in Carrigtohill County Cork Ireland