Where are the heroism scrolls?

As in earlier topics probably has been asked:
And here we have an old problem that seems to be quite new again, a few towers ago the dev’s did an effort and did what they promised and gave us some heroism scrolls.
BUT in the previous tower they seem to have forgotten to put them in because even at floor 25 our guild didn’t see a heroism scroll and this week it’s the same, well no that is not completely true, we’ve got 3 fireball scrolls but the heroism scrolls are nul and non existent.
So please dev’s if you promise an in game item make sure it’s really in the game… :unamused:


Heroism scrolls cost gems.
apparently there is some but you need more sigils as you have to digg deeper 30 floor+

Did your guild clear all rooms?
From what ive seen, for the past 2 tod, the number of heroism scrolls is consistently low for most guilds, ie 1 scroll for the first 25 floors

We cleared all floors and have yet to find more than 1. We’re on Floor 28

29 floors. 2 Heroism scrolls here :frowning:

The first one was at floor 19. Not the fairer distribution we were promised, devs seem to have forgotten to implement this,

It looks like they were accidentally dumbed down again as part of the 4.3.5 update:

No reaction at all from the devs, which in the past has been a good indicator that the observation is spot on.


This seems like an interesting possibility, and matches up with our drops from the past 2 ToDs as well!

Could be they give you one to get past the Ultimate Doom if you need it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Yeah here is their response back then. Idc if we get 1 or 10 heroism from 25 floors. As long as the number is consistent for everyone, we are good


We’ve found 3 heroism scrolls. Floors 22, 35 and 43. Same number of fireball scrolls.