When people insist the AI doesn't cheat

video evidence says otherwise

EDIT: should probably explain to avoid any confusion. brown gem match triggers Rock Solid and barrier on my first troop. but the cpu just doesn’t notice. one skull match later, dead


Not saying I agree with how the board resolution is handled (and thanks for the clarification because I didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking at), but I think this is because the Skull above the 3-skull match (including two Doomskulls) is exploded by the Doomskull below it, applying its 1 damage and removing the Barrier before the 3-skull match takes effect.


had a similar thought, but it was disproven in my very next delve

the skull match damage, Doomskull bonus damage, and extra point of damage from the collateral exploded skull are all soaked as a single damage “packet” when barrier feels like doing its job for a change

if they were resolved separately then I should have lost 1 armor from the skull detonation

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I’ve passed this along to the devs. I am unsure if this is the result of a bug, so I have asked the experts.

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Interesting, it don’t think it’s the AI cheating though, I’m pretty sure the same would happen if roles were reversed.

Some thoughts:

1.) This appears to be a delve run. Did you stack up any effects from previously visited rooms that might remove your barrier on an opponent skull/4+ match?

2.) Doomskulls initially resolved first back when they were released, causing other matches that were part of the same move to get exploded away. This was changed to make Doomskulls resolve last, so the matching party gets all benefits from those matches. Maybe Doomskull damage behaves slightly differently if a colored match (4 yellow in your video) happens simultaneously? That might explain some unexpectedly large Doomskull damage numbers that get reported every once in a while.


you raise very intriguing points

  1. can’t think of any delve granted abilities that trigger damage or dispel on 4 matches or yellows. if such a thing did trigger, its name should have popped over the enemy portrait like Second Helping does for queen grapplepot

  2. this may just be crazy enough to make sense, could have tripped some messy circuitous spaghetti code nonsense since the coupled 4-match seems to be the only component missing from my second example

Technically yes, but I would also have expected “Impact” to show up when Snothelm got stunned. What’s the complete loadout of talents your hero was using?

titan: impact, hammer mastery, stone circle, storm aura, rock solid, bloodthirsty, fortitude

EDIT: three orpheus medals and a max upgrade mountain crusher, just so everything not apparent from the interface is covered


LOL This happens to me in all game modes.

Is it still crying? Or can we get some acknowledgement that the AI is manipulated for everyone, not just new players.

another day, another delve, another cheating AI caught red-handed. twice in one fight, even

0:01 – brown match gives Barrier to first troop via Rock Solid
0:14 – AI skull match: 62 attack + 5 Doomskull bonus + 2 nearby skulls exploded = 69 damage; Barrier is nullified without soaking a single point of it
0:54 – AI skull match: 62 attack + 1 bonus for 4-match + 5 Doomskull bonus + 2 nearby skulls exploded = 70 damage, ostensibly. somehow, damage is dealt TWICE:

notice the overlapping -70 and -39 damage indicators as the troop goes from 109 health to zero

this time I made sure to track the AI enhancements from prior rooms: The Honeycomb gave 4 Armor to all enemies, and Spider Nest made all enemies Slippery (immune to Web). no triggered abilities, nothing at all that should cause this

but hey, if you’re already stacking the deck 480 levels in favor of the AI, why not just let them cheat

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Interestingly it seems to be the same board setup again, a colored match taken along with a doomskull match.

Yep your barrier is up when this occurs.

We already have the ‘predictive move bug’ which moves gems without you moving them. It happened to me in B1 GW last week, where it took 3 gems instead of 5. Streamed and recorded. Still waiting on this being fixed.

I mean these are gamechanging things…