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My specific problem with this is that they’re selling resources that can’t be farmed or obtained through gameplay. The fact that those resources are directly gating stats is much worse, but not the core issue for me.

This is extremely discouraging. Really, really displeased with this.

(Also your price points are ridiculous)


Agreed, yet people will buy. The whales, the addicts, the hardcore, the newbies who don’t know better… and of course people who genuinely want to support the game. If they don’t make enough cash from this, they may spend an entire update making sure they do (cf 4.9).

Cash grab before the end perhaps.

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I mean the confusing title at the first place.

It has been corrected since then but l thought it was a bug. With the 3 different offers it was quite eerie experience. :smiley: Thanks for explaining it.

Guild Wars will be even more P2W…oh joy!!!

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