What to do with a ton of Treasure Maps

I currently have 827 treasure maps, is there any way to redeem them other than play a 25 minutes game x 827 ?

I wish there was a quick way to spend those !!

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I have the same problem: 1784 treasure maps.
As an option, you can play each without any thinking, just move items randomly and quickly :slight_smile:

Slackers… :wink:

I’ve got 12 thousand of the useless things. The community has been asking for a realistic way to use maps for years, but nothing has happened yet. :frowning:


The issue is changing it would only add to longtime players hoards of resources…


I haven’t played in a very long while except for that time a couple weeks ago where I meant to click on the gnome vault but clicked the treasure game instead. Felt guilty to just exit the game so I should really have 2,999. LOL


Same hear OK when just starting of lower levels

If you’re not playing at least 10 hours/day and not using at least half that time to consume some of your treasure map surplus, you’re not doing it right.

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I play a few every day. Even at 1 gem per map, that’s a helluva a lot of gems.


I think they should let you exchange them for gold or gold keys. The funny thing is they actually sell them. They might get some takers if they didn’t flood the game with them.

Other than actually playing them out, there’s really not much else to do with Treasure Maps.

The main issue that is commonly brought up is that the game mode is unrewarding for the time invested. I’d argue that the onus is on the player to make the game mode rewarding by becoming efficient at it.

I’m certainly not some expert “Treasure Hunter,” but I am competent enough at it to create a vault every two to three minutes (for the first two or three vaults… then, the board becomes obstructed, and subsequent vaults can become slightly more time consuming).

And, even with RNG dictating the eventual rewards from the chests/vaults created upon map completion, a player can still produce enough resources to bolster their account some. I mean, I play Treasure Hunt exclusively, and have you seen my account lately?

(And, I even do this with a rather severe visual impairment, meeting the federal threshold for legal blindness. :sunglasses:)

Suggestions have been made for maps to also become a resource available to use in the Soulforge for crafting purposes, which seems like it could be viable if thought out (and executed) properly. Some (many) players have a grandiose number of 'em, so considerations to the game’s economy and competitive advantages and such would have to come into play, but it could work, maybe?

I guess no one else just plays them for the cascades anymore. :upside_down_face:

My solution for treasure maps is allow them to be used for extra turns in treasure hunt, but at an exponential cost. First extra turn costs 1 map, second extra turn costs 2 maps, then 6 maps, then 24, then 120, then 720, then 5040, etc. Each extra turn costs that many turns more than the last one. (So the fourth extra turn costs 4 times more than what the third turn cost.)