What should I have for supper?

I am making homemade shrimp wonton soup


One can never go wrong with a homemade eggplant parmigiana!! Mange!!!


Having shepherd’s pie from Costco. Yummy!


Cappelletti al ragù

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You mean “cottage pie” right?

Ok so what I did was a fridge clean-out and I made some tomato-based sauce from scratch enjoyed over angel hair pasta. I cook with instinct, not measurements, so:

  • Chopped onions, celery, carrot, fried separately in a touch of Olive Oil and Bacon Fat, separated and added back in later w/ wet ingredients

  • Fry and drain up some beef and discount salami that was starting to freezer burn

  • Several cans of diced tomatoes, plus the fresh ones that were going bad

  • Half Red Pepper quickly roasted in Toaster Oven then chopped fine

  • Parmesan rind or other bit of leftover cheese (subtle but necessary)

  • Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Garlic, Black Pepper, Pink Salt, Lemon Juice

  • TINY bit of crushed Fennel and Hot Red Pepper flakes to taste

  • Worcestershire / broth / boulion to taste



This is where we’re at in life Krudler, making threads about what to have for dinner? Everyone start posting pics of your meals.

Forums are a ghost town lately… what else are we gonna do!?

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Ask which tie to wear to work, obviously. :rolling_eyes:

With pics.

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Can’t I just post a picture of old Harold wearing one?

I triple-dare you. :smile:

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You called me on my hollow threat…


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First: @KrudlerTheHorse Can I pm you my address for leftovers, please?

Second: if it’s between reading a thread about food and Bone Dragon, I’ll take the food thread ALL DAY LONG! :wink:


Harolds favourite supper is Uncle Ben’s blood sausages with egged peas cram…

@KrudlerTheHorse, your cooking sounds so very similar to my household. Random leftovers in the house turn to a delicious dinner. WTG!

I try to explain my husband’s cooking style to school-mates and work people, but they all look at me as if “where is the time?” So much faster to heat up a frozen dinner or get fast food…but it’s so bad for a person!


Those folks might not care or have the time, but I feel if you cook once you can make sufficient meals for a whole week. I made enough sauce for me, my girlfriend, her entire family for 10 meals. Nothing more efficient or frugal than that IMO not even frozen meals!

I also shop at a “jobber” center near me where I can get food for less than 40% retail. Every once in a while I make 30 frozen pizzas (using Greek Pita bread as the base) from all those ingredients I collect. It takes an hour, but then I have 30 meals I don’t need to prepare!


TIL that @KrudlerTheHorse has a huge freezer. :wink:

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Oh man, I always cook from scratch! Much tastier and that way you can control how much sugar and salt goes into your body. I have a big stock of dried foods like flours, rice, pasta, lentils, chickpeas, and various beans. These form the basis for most of my meals - tonight for example I’m making daal and flatbreads. It will take about 30 minutes :slight_smile:

Edit: much as I respect the leftovers approach, I have a tiny freezer so have to plan my meals more carefully (and I prefer to follow recipes anyway albeit with a bit of tweaking). Usually any leftovers just get used for lunch


I live in Winnipeg, man, my whole environment is a freezer :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I totally get that approach. I have a large household, myself, husband, two kids, and two roommates. When we make a meal, we make enough for all of us, and hopefully enough to have leftovers for up to a week.

However, right now I’m dieting, which means no huge amazing meals full of carbs and sugars. So right now my dinner consists of: sautéed chicken, onions, mushrooms, with chicken bouillon, chicken stock, cumin, thai chili peppers, and some other stuff my husband throws in for flavor, mixed with jasmine rice. If you like things spicy, its delicious!

Also, I make homemade hummus for my lunches. Yummy!