What level vip should I be

Ok have bought both of the 650 gem packs and a $25 bundle before the update awhile ago and my vip level is only 3 does that seem right or should I be higher

That sounds correct. Vip 3 costs $30, Vip 4 is $70, VIP 5 is $130.

That is a helpful guide of all the tiers

So shouldn’t I be closer to level 5 since I bought 2 gem packs wort $50 a piece and a $25 bundle that’s over $125

I’ve noticed that not all items gave 5 * Price in VIP points. They do this week but in weeks past, a few items didn’t give as much as they should. That could be part of your issue.

I would open a support ticket. The devs are very responsive to all requests and will be able to go over your records to confirm your math or to explain why your level is correct. There were some issues with early pack purchases having issues.

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Yeah I will contact them Monday