What kind of gotcha techniques are being implemented here?

I’ve long suspected tom foolery when it comes to receiving Mythic LT. That the chances for every guild is not the same for the others. As far as I’m concerned this is proof that there’s hidden code to screw players out of Mythic LT. For what reason? Same as the driving force for all GoW changes since 2019. GREED.
They want you to spend money in hopes of getting Mythic troops rather than receive them for playing a game that doesn’t deserve your time resulting in the reward instead.
There’s more evidence of thievery besides today’s incident. But for time purposes we will just focus on this:

All the “alleged” troops we’ve received today.
Meanwhile our guild mate posted that he actually found this for us:

But as far as I can tell no one else in the guild received the Mythic LT. Instead we got this:

So if it was just pure RNG and no additional caps or crazy f the player code introduced. How could this be possible??!? You are aware stuff like this is illegal right? Oh but wait, you’re the same company who won’t take responsibility for Arachnaean Weaver not being in Event Chests.

So the law nor ethics really don’t apply to you. My bad.


I recall a bug report about this from several years ago. Similar issue, part of the guild getting a mythic troop, the others getting a legendary troop, from the same legendary task. I think it depended on when the troop got collected from the mail system, not sure about explanation given. Might require quite a bit of digging in old forum threads.

This might actually be related to other weird server issues that have been popping up today, common factor being timing:


However, I think Nyar’mel is useful than Zorn. :sweat_smile: Just kidding. I know what you mean.

So, after some digging around this actually seems to happen every once in a while:

Status is “Investigating”, which is the Gems of War way of moving unsolicited mail that won’t be looked at to the spam folder.

Do what the other reporters did, open a support ticket asking that the mythic gets issued to all the guild members who missed out due to the bug. Apparently you’ll have to send a reminder or two before anything happens, so be sure to check with your guild mates that they all were properly compensated.


DruidsGlade is our sister guild. They all received the mythic later on so you should also get it.