What is your favorite non-meta team?


Bronzelock/money lender/alchemist/Bonnie rose.
Not viable but great fun when you’re destroying the whole board with bronzelocj. You can replace money lender with the vault guy if you have him traited for max gold generation.


This team I owe gratitude for getting me from level 300-1000
The Dragon Soul
Brown/purple or red/green work well
Use Sylvanimora and TDS for mana collecting and damage. Celestial to help ur team last longer by giving life, barriers on 4 gem matches and produce mana if needed. Draccos was just fun watching him one shot destroy anything :wink:


Mountain Crusher (Dragonguard)

Dragon Banner

It beets every team without THE ubastet meta.

Triple skulldmg vs burning enemies from 4/5match (mostly onehit 120+ dmg)
divinia/yao manadrain immune (hey nyx/fox/famine)
cleanse from divinia
more life/rescue trough divinia
positive statuseffects from 4/5match
dispell all positive effects from the enemies on 4/5match like barrier (hey dawnbringer)
red storm from hero/infernus
looping from yao/infernus
another point? maybe, i dont remember all the magic

i love it, but next week i try a hole week the meta (i hate that team)



Emperor Liang
Hero - Bard - +9 Pismatic Orb

I just got Gorgotha and don’t have him fully traited yet so I use the Orb for safety. Gorgotha until Liang is full, hit yellow, and hopefully fill Gorgotha. I go back and forth until Shocktopus gets enough magic. Not a team for defense.


Not sure how far “off meta” you want to go. I’m constantly switching several of my teams for daily tasks and stuff. Heres some of mine pulled from what I have on my list currently.

Guaitantia (Yao Guai speed looping team)

Fast-ish short looping team and one of the few setups where Tai-Pan being a “bad” versus “good” choice doesn’t just depend on the starting layout, since you can use him in 2nd or 3rd turn capacity without totally killing his value. Reaches its terminus usually after 2 or 3 Yao-Guai casts and 1 or 2 Titania casts, at which point everyone is usually dead.

Canned Beef(4x human, 4x knight, 4x blue, 3x swords edge)

Covers 4x knights, 4x humans, 4x blue, and 3x swords edge. You can sub in hero with mountain crusher in the second slot if you don’t need all of those. For 4x kingdom, Griffon knight or lance knight or Valor or ser cygnea instead of templar makes the team much worse, Vanguard is okay for 4x kingdom but you lose 4x human, knight with mountain crusher loses 4x humans as well. Rather nice stat ramping. Has pretty decent flow for how bulky it is, but watch out for can openers (hero destroy armor weapons).

Glacyslime (4x monsters, 3x green, 3x purple)

Cover 4x monster, 3x green, 3x purple for tasks. Weaver can be subbed for War Sphynx for a slower (but still viable) 3x blue instead of green, as can Scylla (bonestorm often slows you down rather than speeding you up, because more skulls = less mana = slower damage unless you can finish the battle with them). Manticore and Marsh Raptor are okay last slot subs for green if you don’t have weaver. Bloodhammer all the way in the last spot if you don’t need to cover 4x monsters or the colors. [/details]

Purpweaver (4x purple, setup based, Arachnean Weaver)

Setup based Weaver team. Covers 4x purple. You want to set up staggered lethal damage with Fox so Weaver can chain cast.

Zhul Kari Weaver (4x Zhul-Kari, 3x elves, 3x green)

Alt weaver team for 3x elf, 4x zhul kari, 3x green. Not as good, but still functions. Shadowblade can set up staggered damage for weaver at 50% chance each cast, but only if you are lucky. Otherwise, use dual converters to feed the massive mana you need to do multiple weaver casts before the opponent gets going (try to transform red and yellow to green, blue or purple if you are facing divines, but be advised this is a tough matchup and not recommended due to how easily they counter true damage that drops the turn). Works much better with Weaver having the event boost, as this is usually the break point for two shot lethal rather than 3.

No Drain Pls (Mana Drain Counter Team)

A completely mana drain immune team (with traits, of course). Feeds life and mana to Yao Guai while just being a general wall of meat to get around.

Divine Rage (Assassin Speed Team)

Assassin Speed team (dark storm talent, skull dodge talent, lifesteal talent, hunt talent recommended). First slot can be a Mountain Crusher or anything that removes gems and doesn’t block your 2nd and 3rd slots. Take your available mana matches for your conversion chain before removing blue if possible. Once blue is out of the way, you almost always have alignment for your converter, and it almost always leads into alignment for the other again. A few quick casts and everybody dies, usually doesn’t even matter if they have heavy skull resist. Some super bulky teams give you a chance to cast your front weapon to either reset the situation or drop out some gems for a massive skull hit, but usually it isn’t necessary. Divinia (in slot 2) can be used instead of Star Gazer for safety at the cost of some speed, since you’ll generally need at least 1 or 2 board refreshes to win instead of doing it in one go.

Hero Grind (fast-ish with low trophy, cunning tree recommended)

Innoccous looking team that can quickly take out stronger one and two trophy battles with the hero as an assassin (same build I posted above). Warden with leafstorm should also work here. Fill Forest Guardian first if possible, Spirit Fox removes excess yellows, and usually sets up alignment. This leaves you with a red, blue, and green board with a bunch of skulls. Ghosts Bane can fill and remove blues if you need to keep chaining, otherwise Sunbird can cast to finish off remaining troops. Works best with opponents with life/armor totals around what your sunbird has, as you can usually get to the last 1 to 1.5 troops with a single FT cast and then just finish off with Sunbird. Goes pretty fast with a bit of practice.

Dark Acolyte (3x brown, 3x purple, 3x karakoth, for fun mostly)

3x brown, 3x purple, 3x Karakoth (4x Karakoth with sorcerer, 3x mystic with Orbweaver). Loop the first two troops and Acolyte gets huge, Medea gets some decent damage. Orbweaver hero can benefit from the loop if you happen to have that set. Not great TBH, since it is most effective by wasting time, but can be fun.

Wither (4x Daemons, for fun, Stat Lower)

4x Daemon team. A lucky early extra turn from Marlith generally means a win as this will mean filling Famine and Aby very quickly. Quickly reduces attack to pitiful numbers while Marlith’s numbers keep rising, and famine supresses casts and one does damage while Marilith can poke or get skull cascades. If Marilith drops before everybody dies, Infernal King summoned from Abynissia can close out the game.

Xathenos Rising (4x undead, 3x Purple)

Is Xathenos actually useful? Well, really, he doesn’t do much here unless things start to go bad except the occasional +5 magic and life buff each successive kills. The real synergy is the three troops up front - Skullbeard explodes into the storm created by Umberwolf which Bone Dragon capitalizes off hard, sometimes refilling from cascades without another explode, and bone dragon can take trades because of his own armor buff and freeze trait. The +5 magic makes subsequent casts of Bone Dragon gain even more armor, making him fairly tough to take down once you have momentum. If you get some foothold and things start to go wrong, Xathenos’ magic and life steal can provide a bit of a buffer, but Skullbeard is fairly essential to get you going again to get the double shot of Xathenos needed to get some summons out. Umberwolf can also toss out his spell to transform for a couple hunters marks, a bit of damage, or just for a health refresh.

Not sure if these count, since they use Infernus, but people usually define the “meta” as at least Ishbaala and Infernus (and others would say Ubastet is meta-defining for some reason).

Just Spam (Just Spam)

Still remarkably fast and viable. Or it would be if it wasn’t for Krystenax sometimes glitching the end of the match if you finish by casting him. Just spam.

4x Kingdom fast (feed infernus, cast infernus)

Easy fast 4x kingdom requirement. Gog and Gud can be anything that doesn’t block any of Infernus’s colors. Dragons Claw or Zaejin would probably be “the meta” for this task for most people, so I guess it counts.

Fire and Ice (Infernus with Mab and pyromania attacker)

Probably much better with a fully upgraded hero with the Fire tree in front at this point. Much better than it looks - green slime is a good starter for when you “almost” have a great convert, lava elemental is a good damaging tank, and freeze helps you with out of control spell chains. You can sub in Giant Spider for Green Slime or one of the empowered converters, but this often means slow filling Infernus and using a lot of control before setting up your win condition, and Skullbeard in this slot makes it a bit harder to set up burns and freezes unless the enemy hero starts with a storm for you (or you use the hero).